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vietnamese summer vegetable rollls

vietnamese summer vegetable rollls

I adore Vietnamese rice paper rolls and since visiting Vietnam a the end of last year I love them even more. They are pockets of vibrant freshness that are so healthy your halo starts shining the minute you pop one in your mouth. For this recipe I have kept them vegetarian – although I do love prawns in them too. The important thing is to add variety to give enough crunch and flavour. You can literally clear out your fridge to make them. I have gone in a vegetable salad direction here and included romaine (cos) lettuce leaves too.  Continue Reading →


tomato salad with fried halloumi & pita croutons

tomato sald with fried halloumi & pita croutons

This is kind of a mash up of a Greek salad with a panzanella where the fried halloumi replaces the feta and pita makes up the bread component. It’s pretty tasty. I mean when is fried cheese not tasty? I haven’t had fried halloumi for quite a while because of the high calorie scare, but this squeeky cheese is rather delicious. It needs a good dose of acid – like lemon juice or vinegar to break through and give it zing. The tomatoes worked perfectly to balance things out too. Continue Reading →


kohlrabi, persimmon, hazelnut and mint salad

kohlrabi, persimmon, hazelnut and mint salad

I can’t take any credit for this salad idea and I have shamelessly copied the ingredient combination from Mulberry and Prince, a fab new restaurant in town. We ate there recently and I was super impressed with everything at this gorgeous New York style eatery. It’s a small-plate dining concept, so if you like multiple flavours and textures in one meal, this is perfect for you. You can check out my review and pictures on my Taste & Titbits Facebook page. A place where I do bite size commentary and reviews of restaurants in Cape Town. I don’t often review restaurants here as the pictures are never good enough, but I quite like to do them in a casual way.   Continue Reading →


crunchy green salad with goats cheese and mixed seed praline

crunchy green salad with goats cheese and mixed seed praline

I’m quite happy with this creation of mine because its pretty much exactly how I like to go with a salad. Loads of green leaves and green crunchy bits. Salty, creamy goats cheese adding richness and savoury flavour, and a sweet mixed seed praline bringing another element of crunch to the mix. Have I said crunch enough yet? A mustardy vinaigrette pulls it all together, and I’d whip this one out for an occassion when you are trying to impress. Continue Reading →


crunchy summer salad with a balsamic and honey vinaigrette

crunchy summer said with a balsamic and honey vinaigrette

Summer is hitting us hard today with temperatures predicted to be in the upper thirties. I am not quite ready for this heat onslaught, but I am well into the swing of things regarding summer eating and have been devouring a range of new salads recently. I love this crunchy summer salad because of all the texture, and the balsamic honey dressing adds a sweet and sharp flavour element.

Its actually part slaw and I like to use a combination of red and green cabbage which I slice extremely finely on my mandolin. In fact the mandolin is imperative here as you don’t want thick bits of any of the ingredients. I love the red onions. Again very finely sliced as they add so much flavour. The radish the pepperiness and the carrots some sweet and crunch. Toasted pumpkin seeds in abundance, and I use a generous handful gives the nutty texture.

Baby spinach or baby kale levels make up the leafy green element and I adore them both raw. This is a salad you want to dress and toss before serving so that you coat all the bits with the delicious dressing.

Make the salad as big or as small as you like and the ratios are not that importune. I would say use as much spinach or kale leaves as you do shredded cabbage and use about 1/3 of that quantity for the red onion. You don’t want that to be good strong.

Salad ingredients: red and green cabbage, red onion, radish, carrots, pumpkin seeds, baby spinach or baby kale leaves  Continue Reading →


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