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salad nachos with home preserved zesty salsa

salad nachos with home preserved zesty salsa

This is my idea of a healthier and possibly even better nachos recipe using loads of fresh crunchy salad greens, zesty salsa and reduced quantity of cheese as the toppings. I made this a few years back but here I have given it an update and included a recipe to make your own delicious salsa at home.

Zesty home made and preserved salsa

I’m also thrilled to announce that I will be working with Ball Jars as they launch their iconic American brand of preserving jars into the South African Market. This is the first of their home preserving recipes I am doing. Continue Reading →


lettuce ‘tacos’ with chipotle chicken

lettuce 'tacos' with chipotle chicken

lettuce 'tacos' with chipotle chicken

lettuce 'tacos' with chipotle chicken

Lettuce tacos with chipotle chicken

The world seems to have gone mad for carb-free food, so this recipe is inspired by you lot out there who like your tacos but don’t like your tortilla.

I constantly crave the flavours of Mexican cuisine, and this recipe ticks this box in a big way for me. Packed with flavour, it leaves you feeling rather angelic as it’s virtually devoid of any fat or carbohydrates.

Oh and lets not forget about the crunch factor. When you shroud your spicy chicken strips and salsa in a crispy lettuce leaf the whole thing becomes a texture adventure with a mingling of hot and cold, raw and cooked and is pretty much a perfect meal for me. Continue Reading →


crunchy mexican salad nachos

mexican salad nachos

fresh and crunchy, raw and cooked

I am wild about Mexican food and I love Nachos.  I don’t mean the greasy, one-dimensional nachos you get at many restaurants, but proper Nachos.  Using good quality corn chips that hold their crunch, nice spicy and fresh salsa, melted cheese and then all the other bits and pieces.

I love adding fresh and raw ingredients to my nachos, so thought this was a healthier way to get my fix without too much of the ‘bad’ (but very tasty) stuff.  So there is no sour cream or guacamole, and only a sprinkle of cheese, but lots and lots of flavour. Continue Reading →


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