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vietnam in pictures part one

I wanted to share a few of my favourite photos from my recent trip to Vietnam but only managed to whittle them down to 90 which is still way to many for one post, so I’m going to have to divide them up. I have every intention of writing about each of the 3 regions we visited and share more in-depth photos of these places, and need to talk about the food too, but that is going to have to wait for another day. Life is a little busy right now as everyone is racing to finish up for the year so the deadlines are on. I’m hoping to get these up by the middle of December or so. 

Images taken on my recent trip to Vietnam

I prefer to tell stories from a visual perspective so here are the first lot in no particular order. They will all make sense when I put them in context later on. You will see a ton of pictures of markets and people selling and making food on the side of the road. This is something that completely hits you when you visit Vietnam. All available pavement space and side streets are taken up by informal vendors making or selling food. I have never seen such incredible produce in my life. Better then you can find in any retailer in South Africa, in abundance and everywhere. 

You can see the rest of my pictures in part 2 and part 3.

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spicy buttercrunch brittle with roasted nuts

spicy buttercrunch brittle with roasted nuts

The lead up to Christmas is always the best time to make confectionary and sweet treats that can be packaged and given as gifts. With this recipe, I’ve taken my buttercrunch brittle with salted peanut recipe from my book Sweet and added the spice from my spicy caramel corn to give it that festive vibe. It was delicious. I used a mix of almonds, cashews, hazel and brazil nuts to make this a little more special but any nut of your choice will do.  Continue Reading →


toffee, salted pretzel & chocolate bark

toffee, pretzel & chocolate bark

I took my favourite crunchy toffee recipe – that totally melts in your mouth, and added salted pretzels to it, because I mean, who doesn’t love that. It also breaks the sweetness of the caramel giving it some relief. The chocolate on top is 70% which I would recommend. Once again to break the sweetness and adding a small bitter note. 

toffee, pretzel & chocolate bark

I use a digital thermometer for all sweet-making; that way there is little room for error. Sugar can change in a matter of seconds when heated through various stages, so it’s advisable to remain totally focused and keep monitoring the temperature exactly. If you definitely don’t have one, then cook your caramel until it starts turning golden brown. By this I mean a darker colour. It stays a lightish golden colour for ages, so you will need to stir for around 10 minutes before the alchemy happens and the molten, buttery sugar suddenly moves to the hard crack stage. The old school way of checking is to drop a piece of toffee in a glass of water and then taste to determine at what stage it is at. Prepare well and have everything you need on hand, before you begin. Also, don’t ever, I mean ever be tempted to lick the spoon while making caramel, no matter how delicious it looks.  Continue Reading →


3 ingredient, no churn, vegan chocolate ice cream {video}

3 ingredient - no churn - chocolate ice cream {vegan}

This is one of those fantastic recipes that almost feels like a miracle. Three ingredients are combined with a minimal amount of intervention to create an outstanding ice cream with a dreamy texture. No ice cream maker is required either, so anyone with a food processor can make it. On top of that it’s also vegan, so if you are avoiding dairy, this one is for you. Continue Reading →


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