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chicken pie with ricotta & spinach

chicken pie with ricotta spinach

This fresh and vibrant chicken pie with ricotta, feta and spinach comes from Cait McWilliams from the hugely popular BBC Lifestyle TV series the Great South African Bakeoff. Tonight is the finale of the second successful season and its going to be nail-biting. Cait is in the final with Carol and Nasreen starting out with the signature bake challenge then the technical bake challenge and the final challenge being the showstopper. Continue Reading →


meatball and spinach ravioli bake

meatball and spinach ravioli bake

This recipe excited me because I’ve wanted to make it for a while. It also involves pasta, so nothing is better than that. Initially I conceptualized it being with tortellini, but good fresh filled tortellini is difficult to come by in South Africa, so ravioli – a much more common variant it is. I’ve combined fabulous things to make this dish. Spinach and ricotta ravioli, a homemade Italian tomato sauce, meatballs and buffalo mozzarella. These are all cooked separately and then brought together in a large skillet like a marriage made in heaven and baked. I also added some Parmesan because obvs. Continue Reading →


kale ‘caesars salad’ with roast chicken

kale 'caesars salad' with roast chicken

kale 'caesars salad' with roast chicken

So I know that kale recipes are a huge thing on the internet but here is South Africa we tend to catch onto food trends a little late. Although I had sourced kale years ago at a speciality green grocer to make the highly controversial kale chips (I added Parmesan cheese and I loved them by the way), it is only recently that you could find kale in a mainstream supermarket.

I’m pretty pleased about this. Continue Reading →


pasta with tomato, spinach and mozzarella



I used farfalle to make this delicious and super easy pasta recipe with spinach and fior di latte mozzarella. The sauce takes the same amount of time to make as it takes to boil the pasta, so its kind of ideal to do for a quick midweek vegetarian supper. The cheese melts into the other ingredients creating those delectable long strands as you eat, and it feels like a warm caprese salad with silky pasta and spinach.

The other reason I made this pasta was because it so colourful and I’m here today to celebrate colour and wine in all its glory. You might wonder what colour has to do with wine? Well that is the fun part. Continue Reading →


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