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creamy miso mushrooms and eggs

creamy miso mushrooms and eggs  on toast

creamy miso mushrooms and eggs

This is my take on mushrooms on toast topped with a fried or poached egg. It’s for when you want to make breakfast that little more special, or show someone you love that you really love them. Or, if you’re like me, and enjoy eating eggy things anytime, then this is great for lunch or supper too.

creamy miso mushrooms and eggs on toast

You really don’t need a recipe here because you just make whatever quantity you need, and it really is a case of a splash of this and a dash of that. My secret ingredient is miso paste, because I can’t get enough of it and love adding extra umami flavour to most things these days. I even made the most delicious ginger miso ice cream, which sounds weird but think salted caramel but with more depth. Continue Reading →


toasted cheddar cheese sandwich with buttery leeks

leek and cheese toasted sandwich

Slowly braised leeks and sharp mature Cheddar are a fantastic combination of flavours. Toasted to melted perfection on sourdough bread makes an utterly delicious and unusual toasted sandwich.

I set about developing this recipe soon using my Breville non-stick frying pan, which can be set to low, allowing the leeks to cook slowly in the butter until they become melt-in-the-mouth delicious. I like to use white pepper instead of black – freshly ground. The flavour is more floral, and in my opinion better suited here. I also sliced the leeks using my Breville Wizz Pro of course. Now that I have all these amazing appliances, I’m making full use of their ability to fast track my cooking operation. The leeks can be made in advance.

I used a nice sharp aged Cheddar for this recipe. I think you need a minimum of 6 months age, but 12 months is even better. Don’t skimp on the quantity either. You want your toasted sandwich to be oozing with all the melted cheese and buttery leeks. Continue Reading →


open toasted cheese with spring onion, smoked red pepper and coppa

open grilled cheese sandwich with spring onion, tomato, smoked red pepper and coppa

Today is a Wednesday but it feels like a Sunday in South Africa as its a public holiday, and also the day we vote in our regional elections.  I made my X this morning so now I have the rest of the day to relax and dream up a few more meals.

This recipe is inspired by Lynn Bedford Halls ‘Coffee Shop toasted cheese special’ from the the chapter on Amatilda’s recipes, from ‘Fig Jam and Foxtrot’. So quick and easy to make, it takes an ordinary grilled cheese on toast to another level.

You can really add so many things to a basic mix of grated cheddar and an egg.  Like: chopped onion, spring onion, chilli, paprika, red pepper, tomato, other cheeses, herbs, bacon, fried mushrooms etc.

quick and easy, spicy and comforting

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