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how to make a salted caramel affogato

How to make a salted caramel affogato

Affogato is one of the easiest and most delicious desserts to make as long as you have good quality ice cream and an espresso maker on hand. Italians have perfected simplicity, and these two ingredients when combined together always manage to impress. The textural contrast of the frozen ice cream with the hot coffee is dreamy and intense in flavour. Adding salted caramel or espresso salted caramel to the mix takes it into a much sweeter and more indulgent level. Vanilla, espresso, chocolate and caramel all in one dessert equals heaven. Continue Reading →


cappuccino à la rose

How to make a Cappuccino à la rose

I received my new Nespresso machine last week and its been a while since I was this excited about an appliance. The possibilities are endless and include tea. The recipes are thus endless and for me to have such high quality coffee at the touch of a button, I am thrilled.

This is a recipe I fell in love with on their amazing coffee creations website and its called the Cappuccino à la rose. It has white chocolate and rosewater included – I mean how dreamy. If you want to get really fancy you can crystalise a few rose petals and sprinkle these on top.

I made a little video on how to make it: Continue Reading →


french toast waffles with cinnamon {video}

french toast waffles with cinnamon

French toast and waffles come together in beautiful harmony with this genius recipe idea. The bread crisps up to a golden brown so similar to a waffle you can barely tell the difference. Once you have added your syrup, and whatever topping you like to have on your waffle, you will be left wondering if you will ever make french toast in a frying pan again. Continue Reading →


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