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vietnamese summer vegetable rollls

vietnamese summer vegetable rollls

I adore Vietnamese rice paper rolls and since visiting Vietnam a the end of last year I love them even more. They are pockets of vibrant freshness that are so healthy your halo starts shining the minute you pop one in your mouth. For this recipe I have kept them vegetarian – although I do love prawns in them too. The important thing is to add variety to give enough crunch and flavour. You can literally clear out your fridge to make them. I have gone in a vegetable salad direction here and included romaine (cos) lettuce leaves too.  Continue Reading →


egg rolls banh mi style

Banh mi

If you are unfamiliar with Vietnamese Banh mi sandwiches it is really worth becoming fully acquainted with them. They are ridiculously tasty. If you are familiar with them, then you know exactly what I’m talking about here. I did a pulled pork Banh mi in my first cookbook which is a recipe I have made again and again. I slowly roasted a shoulder of pork in ginger beer for seven hours and pulled it apart to sticky goodness and served it on a baguette with pickled daikon and carrots. There is some degree of flexibility around a Banh mi. A classic version would consist of a liver spread, a couple of cold meat cuts, pickled vegetables, a fried egg and fresh coriander. But I think you can add whatever you like.

Banh mi with fried egg

For this version I’ve used a hickory smoked ham, a sharp 18 month old Cheddar, a fried egg with crispy edges and a runny yolk. I drizzled over a good dose of sriracha, because it needs some heat, and I added crunchy carrot strips and a few of my quick and easy zucchini pickles. Fresh coriander leaves round it off, and all of the above are packed into a fresh crusty white roll. Continue Reading →


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