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10 recipes to make this july

And just like that, we hit the half way mark of 2017 and winter is in full force in Cape Town. I’m always tempted to stay in hibernation mode as much as possible during these deep cold months and comfort food happens to the max. Here are a few recipes that you could make in July. Stay warm friends. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, bookmark this post for January.

Nigella’s clementine cake

Nigellas clementine cake recipe

And while we are on the topic of citrus being in season, clementines and in particular Clemengold are in stores right now and this is a delicious cake with a hint of bitterness. Continue Reading →


recipes to make in june

June has rolled in, but sadly for us in Cape Town, winter hasn’t really come with it. It definitely has got colder, but we are still waiting for the much-needed rains to replenish our water system. Here’s hoping that the ‘mega storm’ predicted for Wednesday arrives and stays for a few days. These recipes are perfect to make when you baton down the hatches and snuggle up at home this month. 

Eggs Benedict on roasted brown mushrooms

I love this version of eggs benedict which has the poached eggs nestled on a roasted brown mushroom. Perfect if you are watching your carbs.

eggs benedict on roasted brown mushrooms spinach and prosciutto

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apple and strawberry crumble

apple and strawberry crumble

apple and strawberry crumble

Winter has arrived with full force in Cape Town as our first big cold front hits. Up until now we’ve had a long and beautiful autumn and I’ve loved spending so much time in the vineyards soaking in all the beautiful colours. I decided that this apple and strawberry crumble was perfect for todays stormy weather and I’ve been dying to make it since I first tried it a couple of months back. The strawberries add so much value, and it has officially become my favourite crumble recipe.

apple and strawberry crumble

Sophie is a cousin of a friend of mine who also happens to be a qualified pastry chef and this is her recipe (more or less). It’s utterly delicious. She served it with a vanilla bean crème anglaise which finished it off perfectly and reminded me how important it is to go the extra mile with what we serve our crumble with. My preference will always be lightly whipped cream with vanilla (Chantilly cream), home-made vanilla ice cream, or crème anglaise.

autumn leaves

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