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eat at urbanologi

Angelo Scirooco from Urbanologi, Johannesburg

My favourite restaurant experience on my recent trip to Johannesburg was a lunch at Urbanologi. Located in the trendy 1 Fox street The Sheds precinct and inside the Mad Giant Brewery. Very edgy and very cool. The interior has a retro / industrial feel with murals by graffiti artist Justin Nomad. The furniture and interior designer is by Haldane Martin, the tableware by ceramicist Mervyn Gers, and the organic uniform design by Daniella Kisten. Angelo Scirooco – who won the San Pellegrino Chef of the year in 2015 and who worked under Liam Tomlin at the Chefs Warehouse and Canteen (one of my favourite restaurants in Cape Town), heads up the kitchen and is knocking up some incredible food. I was blown away by the menu, the presentation and the man himself. The menu is likely to change and evolve but I do hope they never take the deep-fried potatoes with seaweed emulsion off the menu because this mayo is life changing. After a little interrogation I’m so going attempt to make something similar because its that wonderful. We ate as much as we could and the steamed buns with truffle creme and toasted potato skin salt (I know right?) along with the crispy dropped black pepper pork belly with a tamarind dressing are dishes that will linger in my memory for a while.

Here is the visual story of the restaurant and the space it’s housed in. Continue Reading →


stay at de hoop nature reserve

Melkkamer Manor House, De Hoop Nature Reserve, Western Cape, South Africa

De Hoop Nature Reserve, Western Cape, South Africa

I’ve done two Whale Trails in De Hoop Nature Reserve in the past 15 years so I didnt need much convincing to visit again. It is one of the most beautiful and pristine places in South Africa where animals and plant life are protected to the best level possible by humans. Spending time so close to land and marine animals and spectacular plant species will do at least two things for you. Re calibrate your equilibrium and feed your soul.  Continue Reading →


visit bartholomeus klip

Bartholomeus Klip, Riebeek Valley, South Africa

Bartholomeus Klip, Riebeek Valley, South Africa

Bartholomeus Klip, Riebeek Valley, South Africa

I fell in love with Bartholomeus Klip 8 years ago when I stayed for the first time, and it was love all over again when I visited last week. It’s a beautiful old farmhouse on a working farm and private game reserve in the Riebeek Valley. At just over an hours drive from Cape Town this gem of a property is nestled below a mountain range and offers guests a unique experience. It’s as casual as it is luxurious and staff are always on hand to tend to your every need without ever being in the way.  Continue Reading →


luke dale roberts X at the saxon

Luke Dale Roberts X, The Saxon, Johannesburg

I had the absolute pleasure of dining at Luke Dale Roberts X at the Saxon on my recent trip to Johannesburg and it was a fine dining adventure of note. They serve an eight course tasting menu paired with or without wine and you can opt for a local or international pairing. They also have a tea pairing if you prefer something different. The kitchen is run under the experienced and seemingly peaceful leadership of Candice Philip who with a small team of chefs create and cook an impressive range of contemporary dishes. As with any degustation menu of this calibre – and paired with wine, the meal is an orchestrated eating journey that takes you through an array of flavour and textural stages. Its intense and its often mind-blowing. Continue Reading →


crunchies with dates

crunchies with dates

The crunchie is a legendary South African baked treat and my Grandmother Bettys recipe is the best I’ve ever come across. I published this on my blog so many years ago and it remains one of my most treasured posts. The comment section which gets added to from time to time always makes my heart swell and reminds why I love blogging the most. Being able to connect with people from all over the world through a shared love of food is an incredible thing and the biggest reward out of it. Continue Reading →


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