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gondwana private game reserve

Gondwana Game Reserve

male lion atGondwana Game Reserve

male lion atGondwana Game Reserve

When you think of a wildlife safari in the South African bush, the Western Cape Garden Route doesn’t automatically spring to mind, but tucked away about 20 kilometers from Mossel Bay you will find a 11 000 hectare private game reserve that has been thoughtfully built-in this unique and beautiful location. Gondwana Game Reserve is home to numerous endangered fauna and flora  and it was an utter pleasure to have been invited with a bunch of fab digital media women on a press trip recently. #loadsofgiggles @GirlsTrip Continue Reading →


truffled mushroom and taleggio cheese toasties + a spot of steenberg luxury

toasted sandwich with truffled mushrooom and Taleggio cheese

toasted sandwich with truffled mushrooom and Taleggio cheese

I was inspired to make these mini truffled mushroom and Taleggio cheese toasties after eating something similar at Bistro 1682 a couple of weeks ago. Theirs was a truffled grilled cheese with Taleggio on focaccia served with hot tomato oil for dipping, and was insanely delicious. I thought I’d make my version on slices of baguette, which were nice and crispy, but making a toasted sandwich using focaccia and frying it, then cutting into oozy strips was softer and a little more decadent. Anyway, you get the idea. I suggest you get on over to Bistro 1682 and enjoy their small plate menu which is available from 16h30 – 20h30 every day of the week.


trout brandade at Bistro 1682, Steenberg Estate

Steenberg Estate, Cape Town

Bitro 1682, Steenberg Estate, Cape Town

I was invited with a small group of travel and lifestyle bloggers to a week end on this beautiful estate, the oldest wine estate in the Cape in actual fact, to immerse ourselves in everything this stunning farm has to offer. Right on our doorstep, you literally check out of the city and BAM you are in the country. Continue Reading →


raw salmon salad with fennel, radish and beetroot & the beautiful tintswalo atlantic

salmon trout salad with fennel, radish and beetroot

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

Tintswalo Atlantic Lodge

I made this fresh salmon salad with shaved fennel and radish on a bed of rocket as a way to remember Tintswalo Atlantic where I was invited two weeks ago to experience their dinner club. Tintswalo has to be in one of the most spectacular locations in the country. Seriously. Right on the water’s edge overlooking the Sentinel Mountain and Hout Bay, it’s worth visiting just to be in this space. Continue Reading →


strawberry cheesecake with a nutty crumble

strawberry cheesecake with nut crumble

This is a delightful strawberry cheesecake recipe that is more like a mousse than a dense fridge cheesecake. The filling is dolloped onto a fabulous nut crumble base and finished off with a drizzle of strawberry syrup and slices of fresh strawberry.

strawberry cheesecake with nut crumble

It originates from executive chef Phil De Villiers from 54 on Bath in Johannesburg. His is a way more elaborate and sophisticated dish that is made with elderberries, layered with meringues, honeycomb, vanilla jelly and served with strawberry filled ricotta dumplings on the side. They serve this in the fabulous Level Four restaurant at the hotel. I dumbed the recipe right down to ensure it was super easy to achieve for the home cook, and left out the extra components (sorry Phil). I used strawberry syrup because it so happens I made it recently. Also, elderberries are not available in South Africa at all. Continue Reading →


eggs benedict on roasted brown mushrooms

eggs benedict on roasted brown mushrooms spinach and prosciutto

a classic eggs benedict on roasted brown mushrooms

eggs benedict on roasted brown mushrooms wilted spinach prosciutto

A perfect eggs Benedict is one of my all time favourite breakfast treats and one that I generally order when I feel like indulging. It can be a little tricky to make, involving whipping up a dreaded emulsion, but well worth it if you are making it for a few people. In this version I have replaced the English muffin with roasted brown mushrooms, and I’ve layered it with wilted spinach and prosciutto. Finishing it off with an unctuous hollandaise sauce with chives.

By coincidence and totally unintentionally the recipe also becomes a perfect low carb high fat breakfast option, and ideal if you are banting.

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