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the best 8 minute strawberry jam {video}

the best ever 8 minute strawberry jam

This used to be called my 10 minute strawberry jam but I’ve got it down to 8 minutes now. I’ve also improved the flavour of the recipe by adding orange, orange liqueur, vanilla and black pepper. It is also at this point that I put the stake in the ground as far as strawberry jam goes. I can’t do better than this.  Continue Reading →


butternut scones with cheese and herbs {video}

butternut scones with cheese and herbs {video}

You know those golden recipes you keep making again and again which are too good not to share more than once? Well this is one of those recipes. I have made these scones using pumpkin, Parmesan and thyme, and a version with butternut and chives and they were both fabulous. I love them so much I decided to make them again using a mixture of herbs and I think these may be my favourite. I used a combination of rosemary, basil and thyme to give these savoury cheese scones a strong herbaceous kick.   Continue Reading →


3 ingredient, no churn, vegan chocolate ice cream {video}

3 ingredient - no churn - chocolate ice cream {vegan}

This is one of those fantastic recipes that almost feels like a miracle. Three ingredients are combined with a minimal amount of intervention to create an outstanding ice cream with a dreamy texture. No ice cream maker is required either, so anyone with a food processor can make it. On top of that it’s also vegan, so if you are avoiding dairy, this one is for you. Continue Reading →


how to make roasted red pepper pesto {video}

roasted red pepper pesto

I absolutely adore roasted red pepper pesto but have never made it myself. Making pesto often seems like a chore, so I all too often reach for a store-bought alternative, which is always pretty good. This recipe was so super easy and utterly delicious, I made it twice. I tweaked it slightly the second time and it was even more lovely. It’s the perfect recipe to adapt to your own taste. 

I got so excited about it, I decided to make a quick little recipe video to show you how to make it.  Continue Reading →


granola bars with honey & maple

granola bars with honey & maple

You know that feeling after spending a few hours working on something and then realise it is all wrong? Well that is how I felt yesterday after making my first little recipe video on my own. As soon as I started downloading the files it dawned on me that I shot the whole thing in portrait mode. An epic fail. I also should know better and I do know this. Perhaps it’s because I’m so hard-wired in terms of how I shoot my stills – which is 99% in portrait, I just set up all my equipment and got busy.

granola bars with honey & maple

The whole thing happened quite spontaneously and I had no plans to make a video. I needed to retest this granola recipe that appears in my book, so I thought, why not just shoot myself doing it in the process? Continue Reading →


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