the bakery in the shop

It’s that time of year when the GP family descends on Cape Town and that means a little trek out to behind the lentil curtain for a visit.  I was invited to join them for lunch at Imhoff farm just before Christmas.

My recollection of the place was that it was a bit grungy with camel rides, a snake farm…and a dull little coffee shop.  ….. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole set up which includes a very nice little restaurant with spectacular views of Noordhoek beach, a cheese factory, coffee, chocolate, wine and food shop including a bakery (I couldn’t resist a little petit four) and cheese section, a gift shop, a shop selling all sorts of hippy stuff (where you can get a henna tattoo)…the camel rides and snake farm are still there… well as the higgildy piggildy  petting farm.

This is a great spot to take kids or visitors and you can get a fairly decent meal.  I had it under good (local) authority that the pizzas at the Blue Water Cafe are the best in the area……and if you don’t mind a generous sprinkling of sprouts on your food (the beetroot sprouts which they grow themselves are awesome and I’m definitely going to try to track down some seeds to add to my repertoire of sprout production)..then its well worth a visit.

watching the goats being milked at the back

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