the mothership pies kept perfectly warm

Nanaga farm stall is a little legendary spot. It used to be located a bit further up the N2 but due to its popularity and need for better access, it has relocated to much larger premises smack in the middle of the intersection of the N2, N10 and the R72, about 40 km’s outside PE.

vanilla in the usual premium parking spot (I have exceptional parking karma)

A calorie overload warning should appear at the entrance.

Fortunately they are located en route to our holiday house in Kenton, so we can stop off and buy snacks whenever we go past. They are best known for there pies and rooster bread (little bread squares that are cooked on a griddle pan… yum warm with just a spread of butter).  When I went, there was a queue 3 deep waiting for the breads to come off the pan. They also have an Italian style ice cream section and then all the usual farmstall stuff (including the legendarly ‘Bushmans Mud Pies’…..which are sweet and not really pies at all and are so decadent they deserve there own post)

ongoing production of delicious rooster broods right in front of you

The Eastern Cape is well known for meat pies and Nanaga is the mothership. They make the best pies I have ever eaten in South Africa.

Characteristics that make a perfect pie:

The pie  must be/have….

  • decent sized pieces of meat that must be very mouth wateringly tender and not at all ‘chewy’. 
  • pastry that is not soggy and must be crispy, flaky and golden brown on top
  • filling where the ratio to pastry is 3:1
  • must be juicy yet just hold together —- not too little gravy that the pie is dry but not all gravy either
  • delicious tasting sauce / gravy – not too salty but salty enought that you dont need to add any
  • the pie must be served and eaten at the right temperature (NEVER sold cold and then microwaved)…it must come out of the pie warmer allowed to cool briefly and then consumed straight away

The Nananga pie delivers on all of the above

Since a meat pie is right up there as THE biggest no no in my eating regime…and one pie yields sufficient calories for an entire day, if I ever do eat one it has to be awesome. 

The lamb and mint pie is something you dream about for the months after the holiday has ended.  I munched one on the way home for breakfast,I didnt care that it was only 9am, it was a bit tricky to eat while driving and all the delicious sticky gravy dripping down my face.  I know its going to be at least another year before I get to eat another one so I savoured and enjoyed every second of it.

jam packed with delectable goodies


  1. Mike MacDonald

    My first trip to South Africa and I’m introduced to the finest pepper steak pie I’ve had the pleaseure to eat – beyond awesome! A stop at the Nanaga Farm Stall on the N2 intersec tion has to be an inlcusive part of any Eastern Cape traveller come pie-lover’s itinerary.

  2. Oh Wow! how amazing that you got to eat one. I hope the rest of your trip to our beautiful country was as pleasurable.

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