doing that very endearing crinkle of the nose thing

I’ve been watching and loving the new Tv series ‘what to eat now’ with Valentine Warner. It’s high time we got a new personality to watch, and he is showing all the signs of being ‘rock star chef material’.

Maybe it’s his raw passion and the way he gets so incredibly excited about food (he calls himself a culinary explorer), or his boyish manner that I love, maybe its the way he crinkles up his nose and has a very naughty glint in his eye or maybe its simply that he seems like a really fun guy who I would love to have over and cook with.

The show is beautifully filmed with some stunning time-lapse photography and is simply lovely to watch. Val (as he is referred to), goes in search of the best ingredients and puts these to the test. His excitement as he is about to take the first bite of something he has made is so authentic and contagious, you just want to reach into the Tv and have a good bite yourself.

I look forward to ‘what to eat now – more please’ and anything else this delightful character comes up with.

chilled out culinary explorer - I am a big fan

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