I have been on the lookout for a copy of this book since I took it out of the library over a year ago. I was talking about baking last month (as you do) and the friend I was talking to mentioned they had just bought a copy of this particular book at a second-hand book shop in Kalk Bay and then, get this, there was another copy on the shelf at the time. With great excitement, I immediately phoned the shop to reserve it.

To my surprise and delight, I unwrapped a near perfect and seemingly unused copy of it two days later on Christmas day. Thank you Jane and Gordon, it’s a wonderful, practical and comprehensive book of thoroughly tested recipes which will be a perfect base from which I can ‘play’ from.  It was published in 1994.

some shortbread recipes to try

I also have the Golden Cloud book: Home Bakes, by Carolie De Koster (Published by Lannice Snyman in 2001) which is superb.  I have my eye on the double white chocolate cake recipe in there, so watch this space.


  1. drizzleanddip

    Hi Denise, keep looking in second hand book shops. Good Luck! I was so pleased to get mine.

  2. Anthea Lakey

    Hi,I am also looking for a copy of the snowflake book of baking.Please phone or email
    me if anybody can help.

    Many Thanks

  3. I am also looking for a copy of snow flake book of baking, anyone with an idea where i can get it please email me.

  4. Tanya Saayman

    Hi. I am also desperately seeking a copy of The Snowflake Book of Baking. Published 1998, ISBN: 1-86872-213-9. I would prefer the soft cover version.

    I hope someone can please help me.

    Tanya (Durban)

  5. Modi Mothae

    can you furnish me with the copy of your receipe book.

  6. Bernadette Loock

    please please Im also looking for one… +2772 974 0809

  7. Vivienne Peffer

    I need two copies of The Snowflake Book of Baking but it will be fine if get one copy.
    011 717 1550

  8. Sam

    Hi Vivienne, I’m afraid I do not have copies of the Snowflake book of baking to sell. I was merely writing about it on my site and about how lucky I am to have a copy myself. I write a food blog.

  9. heidi pretorius

    looking for the recipe “millionares biscuits” in the snowflake baking book.urgently

  10. Can you believe our bad luck. My daughter took the Snowflake book with her to the shops because she needed to get ingredients to bake the carrot cake. She got out, put the book on the roof of her car while she took out her bags and then locked the car and walked off. She realised a few minutes later and ran back to the car – no Snowflake book!! Someone else has scored. I’m sad to see that it’s now out of print and will have to do some scouring of the internet/markets and second had book shops to find a replacement! :-((

  11. Sam

    Oh my word Sharon how awful. I hope you do find another copy, just keep looking in second hand book shops. Good Luck.

  12. Hi there

    I actually bought my book when it was published. We lived in CT at the time, and some guys came around at work selling it. I never looked back, best buy ever.

    Well 14 years later, my book is well used, and I love it like I do my children.

  13. Sam

    Hi Ilhaam, that’s amazing. Its so interesting as this blog post gets attention so long after I wrote it, but people for some reason think I’m Snowflake, or have all the answers. I’m just a food blog writer.

  14. Hi can anyone pls forward me the pecan biscuit recipe in the snowflake book of baking? Thankk you!highly appreciated!!!!

  15. HI all Snowflake Book of Baking fans.

    I am desperately looking for the chocolate (oil) cake recipe in this book. I used to use it often and own a copy of the book. Unfortunately, I am currently living in the UAE and my book is in storage in Cape Town.

    So, Please! I would be very grateful if anyone who does own the book, were able to send me a copy of the recipe.

    Thank You,

  16. I am desperately looking for a Snowflake cookbook, please help me. I have eaten some delicious breads (recipes from this book) baked by a lady called Mavis at Rhulani lodge in January this year, I can’t stop thinking about them.

    May God bless you.

    Thank you

  17. Sam

    HI Sewala, I cant help you with a Snowflake book, I was only writing about my book.

  18. Patricia

    Hi there iam alos looking for a receipe book for snowflake a friend of mine has one and i believe she got it directly from snowflake cape town

  19. Sam

    HI Patricia (and anyone else reading this) – This is a blog post I wrote 2 and a bit years ago about this book. Its not a place to find this book, I have no idea where you will find one. You will need to look in second hand book shops for it

  20. hi i am looking for the Greek semolina cake recipe from the snowflake book of baking please let me know if anyone can assist?

  21. Hi . Can someone please help , I made hot cross buns which were perfect the day i baked them but the next day they were so dry and hard. Please can anyone tell me what have I done wrong. Thanks

  22. Faldielah Van Dorsen

    Hi, I am desperately still looking for a SNOWFLAKE BOOK OF BAKING

  23. I had the book, and I lost it been looking for the book, I will look at the second hand book> I hope I will be lucky

  24. i need this book anyone around durban found pls let me know where 0825658887

  25. This is the best and easiest recipe book ever I am so lucky I have a copy.

  26. Anthea Kellu

    I’m looking for this book desperately please help

  27. Belinda Beck da Silva

    I was lucky enough to recieve a copy of this book 20 plus years ago. I have tried almost every recipe and they never fail! Love love love it!

  28. Sam

    Its such a great book Belinda, Snowflake should print it again.

  29. claudale

    Can you pls make a copy for me, i am willing to pay. Where are you situated so if it needs postage i can do that as well. I am in jhb

  30. Sam

    HI Anika – this is a blog post, it is not a message board so no one will contact you about this book. Sadly you will have to keep a look out for it in second-hand stores

  31. Hi. I have a copy of the snowflake book, but its seen better days. I’m looking for a replacement copy. I see there is still a demand for this book, why dont we start a petition? Ask Snowflake to Re – release this book for print or an “E” version?

  32. Amina Motala

    I was gifted a copy of this particular recipe book many many years ago by my sister in law…I simply love the recipes herein. I’ve tried majority of them and every one that I tried came out perfectly…the recipes are easy, delicious and flop proof.? This book is one of my prized possessions.? Right now baking up some NUT and DATE MUFFINS @1.12AM?

  33. Amina Motala

    I was gifted a copy of this particular recipe book many many years ago by my sister in law…I simply love the recipes herein. I’ve tried majority of them and every one that I tried came out perfectly…the recipes are easy, delicious and flop proof.? This book is one of my prized possessions.? Right now baking up some NUT and DATE MUFFINS @1.12AM?

  34. Sam

    Amina – its a great book and you so lucky to have it

  35. soraya clutters

    I have a copy of most of the recipes but can’t find the lamington recipe could someone Pls send me the lamington recipe. Please

  36. Patricia Wood

    Please send me your email address for a copy of the leamington recipe.

  37. Ciola Fulane

    Oh wow, i just stumbled across this website & found this amazing blog. Reading some of the comments on the Snowflake Book of baking, i absolutely love mine, i actually bought 1 edition & was given another edition many years ago. My perfect go to recipe books, simple, straightforward, never flop recipes.

  38. Shevani Naidoo

    Can anyone please advise where i can find this unique book, friend had lost mine and I just have to replace it. This book has everything needed.

  39. Sam

    HI Shevani, this is not a notice board but a blog post. People cant reply to you here. My advice would be to keep looking in second-hand book stores.

  40. Amazon has a copy but keep looking because their copy is dreadfully expensive!

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