I was sent the link to this recipe last year and it looked quite interesting.  Decided to try these out. It’s from the USA so I have no idea on the pack size in the recipe but used a SA pack (16 x Oreo’s) and used 100gms of cream cheese (this felt like enough). You will then need enough chocolate to dip these into – about 200gms. 

Whizz the cookies through a food processor until you get fine crumbs. Add the cream cheese and mix until it all comes together in a big ball.  Roll the mixture out into small balls and place on wax paper on a baking tray and chill in the fridge or freezer.  Melt the chocolate over a pot of boiling water and then allow it to cool for about 15 minutes. 

Oreo crumbs mixed with the cream cheese to form a ball
rolled out little balls ready for chilling and dipping

 I dipped the balls into the chocolate with a spoon and then placed them on a cooling rack over a baking tray, I found this easier than using a skewer. They firmed up in the fridge. 


 Well these are not quite as fantastic as expected.  They stick to the palette a bit and I think a fun thing for kids to make.  If I ever made these or anything like them again, I would definitely do a more ‘grown up’ version and add some liqueur.  I think Cointreau, Baily’s or Kahlua would work well.  They definitely needed a bit of a kick (for me). 

all dipped


  1. A nice concept for after dinner treats but I would agree, definitely zip things up with a strong liqeuer. I will pop back later to go through more of your blog posts. Looks good.

  2. spin sister

    oh no, i had such hope for this recipe, it sounded divine, but maybe just as well it is not as good as it sounds, the hips will stay happily at the size they are for a bit longer 😉

  3. Hi, Looking for your orange drizzle cake recipe, problem loading that page.

    Sounds amazing

  4. What a difference on your photos in 2 years…. Unbelievable…

  5. Sam

    Hi Mia, yes it’s been quite a journey. I cringe at some of my earlier images and would love to go back and reshoot, but know this is impossible, so just keep looking forward and onwards.

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