girls night out @ the grand cafe & beach

We had a fabulous girls night out to the Grand Cafe & Beach in Granger Bay on Friday night.  It’s quite amazing how they have turned an old rusty boat building and yard into a private beach and one of the trendiest restaurants in Cape Town.

a private little beach in front of the restaurant

It’s a sister to the Plett and Camps Bay Grand’s and has the same menu apart from the additional pizza oven (very nice indeed).

They are still going through a bit of an attitude crises as is common among new and uber trendy restaurants that have just opened in Cape Town, and are very strict around bookings for both drinks and dinner.  They seem to ‘lose’ bookings often, so luckily we had our printed confirmation. This same ‘situation’ was experienced by other friends of mine on the same night. One wonders what will happen in winter when the vast cavernous space inside will need to be filled with ‘locals’, I suspect the attitude will have changed by then.

sunset at the grand

The menu is small and in my view a little bit ordinary and limited for the premium prices that you pay. The food is good enough and among us we ate the linefish, calamari, fillet and the sirloin tagliata with shared salads and chips.

The tagliata  which is what I ordered was in my opinion the most interesting item on the menu and was delicious.  Lovely slices of grilled sirloin, with  a soy, garlic and chilli dressing, topped with rocket and parmesan shavings.

sirloin tagliata @ the grand

It’s a lovely chic little spot with an older crowd, but I think it would be more fun if they allowed more people into the bar and to create a bit of a vibe.  At a outragious R52 for a gin and tonic, I won’t be going there all that often.

nice for sundowners

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  1. zoe alexander

    If it wasn’t for the illegal smoking that is allowed on their covered veranda, it is a lovely location albeit overpriced; you pay dearly for the view. Food very average.

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