Olympia café is without a doubt one of my favourite restaurants.  The original philosophy of the founders was to open on 5 days of the week and for breakfast and lunch only so that they could spend the rest of the time doing what’s important in life.  The same laid back ‘just off the beach’ vibe still exists and I love the honest food, especially the linguine del mare which I pretty much order every single time. If I lived closer to Kalk Bay, I would go there more often and order other things off the menu.  The ciabatta, which has been freshly baked next door, drenched in olive oil and balsamic vinegar is part of the ritual of eating there that brings me back time and again.

The restaurant is buzzy and has a vintage rustic feel that is so authentic. A lot of the cooking takes place inside which adds to the theatre of it all.  The waitresses are friendly and quirky and somehow the Boland Sauvignon Blanc (their house white) always tastes so delicious. 


  1. I must say, their mussels are to die for! I have eaten mussels all over the world (even in a fabulous Belgian restaurant in london with the required beer and pommes frites and mayo) but seriously, the Olympia Cafe mussels are awesome and then you simply have to mop up the sauce with some of that divine ciabatta. YUM!

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