lightly drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle cumin and dukkah

I tend to find cauliflower a little bit bland unless its drenched in cheese sauce or in a curry or stir fry.  It’s a vegetable that does a very good job of absorbing other flavours.

This recipe is a much healthier and tasty option that I think brings out the best in a vegetable that is part of the cabbage family.

The red onions caramelise so nicely when roasted, and compliment the subtle cauliflower with  Moroccan spices.

Cut the red onion it quarters, then in half (8ths) – I used 2 onions to one head of cauliflower. Cut the florets off a cauliflower and place these with the onions in a roasting dish.  Drizzle  lightly with olive oil (it’s quite dry), toss to coat ( I use my hands),  and then sprinkle about a teaspoon of cumin and a tablespoon of dukkah ( I like Nomu Dukkah).  Season with Maldon salt and black pepper.  If you like a bit of heat – a pinch of dried chilli flakes could be very nice.

Roast in a hot oven (200 – 210 degrees C) – for about 35 minutes.

slightly crunchy, sweet and spicy

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