my debut sorbet: mango, strawberry and raspberry

With a little bit of encouragement and inspiration from a fellow ice cream making  friend,  I made my first batch in ages and my first ever sorbet.  I had two very beautiful ripe mangos and some frozen raspberries and strawberries – so made it up as follows:

frozen berries thawing in the bowl
  • Thaw the frozen fruit in a bowl (if its frozen)
  • Make a sugar syrup with 2 cups of water and one cup of sugar, stir to dissolve and heat (but think that 3/4 of a cup will be better), allow it to cool
  • The fruit amounted to about 3 and a bit cups (720gms)- blend this to a puree
  • Add the sugar syrup
  • add 3 Tabs of vodka (this to prevent it from freezing too solidly) – you could add a bit more if you wanted to taste it
  • I found the mix a bit too sweet, so I added the juice of a lemon and about a cup of mango juice
  • Pour into the ice-cream machine and churn until it’s a thick scoopable consistency, the time will depend on the machine

transfer to a storage container and freeze immediately  It will firm up a bit more over night, but this recipe has a lovely smooth and creamy texture.

It was so nice to be reminded yet again, just how very easy ice cream and in particular sorbet making is.  You pretty much add any juice into the machine and you will get a sorbet.  You could pour a litre of fruit juice in and make it.  I’m going to start experimenting with various cocktail drinks and smoothies and see what I come up with……the possibilities are endless.  Watermelons are in season….mmmmm (vodka and watermelon, or with cranberry….maybe throw in a few pomegranate seeds at the end to add a little crunch?

What a great way to preserve the essence of summer and carry over into winter.

sorbet balls
soft and smooth


  1. I have just acquired an ice cream maker – after longing for one for years – so now I need a good vanilla ice cream recipe – any suggestions

  2. drizzleanddip

    Penny, I have a fantastic recipe for you for Vanilla ice cream – I’ll get you a copy.

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