i love the taste of cape town event

It was like the angels had sprinkled a good serving of the most gorgeous men over Rhodes High School in Mowbray last night, it was almost bizarre.

But I digress.

 My fellow food freak friend, and talented chef Lori (with her own catering co: Persimmon) and I went to this superb event last night and as per usual, were not disappointed. There was some initial over excitement and anxiety as we arrived, but as veterans, we took a half hour break at the Checkers cap classique tasting, where we could sit quietly and go through the menu and decide what to eat, whilst being served tasting samples of bubbly. The Odd Bins 286 (cap classique Brut Rose) was delicious and I’m so going to be hunting this one down before it disappears.

figuring out what we are going to eat, an essential part of the process

 After circling our choices on the menu – we set off and ate the following:

 Bistro Sixteen82: Soft shell crab, panko crumbed and fried, served with dressed pea shoots and smoked paprika aioli.

soft shell crab - we loved you

This was totally delicious and the taste and texture of this rare crab delicacy imported from Burma could be fully appreciated despite being fried. I have heard a lot of good things about this restaurant – so now it’s definitely on my list. 

Ginja: Lori ate the crispy fried calamari pina colada, pineapple salsa, chilli glaze. The sauce was very interesting, but overall I was a bit ‘underwhelmed’. 

Overture:  The Over – burger with truffle mayonnaise.  This was a very soft and delicious burger with the truffle mayonnaise not overpowering things.  It’s such a spectacular restaurant and I look forward to going back.

 The Greenhouse: Salmon in miso, pickled daikon radish, sticky rice and fried wakame leaves.

cooked sous vide, this dish jet propelled me straight into heaven

Fortunately we bumped into fellow food blogger ‘JamieWho’ who was raving about this dish and strongly recommended that we try it. Thank you for that! (his blog totally rocks it).  Salmon cooked sous vide and out of this world.  What an extra special treat meeting and talking to Peter Tempelhoff and being spoiled with the dessert: Tonka bean crème brulee, summery berry chutney and salted peanut butter espuma (in my wildest imagination I would not have imaged peanut butter tasting air).

Fun and games coming up with those tonka beans!

Nobu: Lori and I both had the black cod den miso and once again I was reminded about the awesomeness of this dish.  A few sips of sake to help savour it.

drinking a bit of sake at the Nobu stand

We drank many samples of lovely wine, a bit of Grolsch, finishing off the evening with a Patron tasting (we had all the tequila and the rum), and a final little snack from Cape Colony at The Mount Nelson: Mushroom empanadas – what perfect pastry!

This event is a total ‘must do’ and we loved every second of this one.


  1. Still cant beleive what a nice guy Peter Templehoff is!
    Am seriously wanting some more Black cod den miso – never thought I would have like it!

  2. The salmon in miso was my favourite hands down. I loved how silky soft the fish was and the fried seaweed was a delight.

  3. whippingitup

    ABSOLUTELY! I had two tastes of the salmon…. melt in your mouth and can’t stop thinking about it today. Peter does rock! Didn’t get to meet him though… David gave me your link… will be popping in again soon… My blog is a bit behind now!!

  4. It would be impossible for me to choose!!! Soft shell crab looks like fun!!

  5. thanks for saying hello! Ja – I cant wait to go the restaurant and eat a full portion. Also loved the crispy fried wakame

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