poachpods - awesome!

I have to admit that the whole egg poaching thing is still a bit of an ‘unmastered’ zone for me.  I have attempted (with some success) to poach them the ‘correct’ way, with  the right ratio of vinegar to water, in the right depth and in the optimum type of pan and degree of egg freshness, but most of the time it lands up being quite a messy story. I have done the whirlpool cheffy trick in an attempt to impress a boyfriend, but that just took egg white mess to a whole new level. 

Since poached eggs are my favourite way of eating an egg and I am mildly obsessed with them, it has been a bit of a niggle for me that I have not yet mastered this technique.  I have had a fancy Demeyer Belgium non stick poaching pan for years, which is nice and convenient, but I can never get the yolk to that perfect 3 minute soft, without having to deal with a bit of slimy albumin (yuk), a compromise I am not prepared to make. So when I first clapped eyes on the flexible silocone poachpods at Banks I got all excited. 

Float them in the simmering water and way to go – you get perfect little poached treasures in minutes.  I like to sprinkle over some thyme (freeze dried from Woolies for convenience and whilst my herb garden is in its ‘conceptual’ stage), or dill, which add a nice little dimension. 

I did feel some relief when I read that Nigella confesses not to be able to poach an egg, and thus maybe I can still be considered a complete domestic goddess without this skill. 

the poachpod in action

 PS. I logged onto the Fusionbrands website and clicked onto the ‘products page’, which is quite frankly just kitchen gadget porn.  How very exciting! I’m so going to be acquiring a few of these nifty little toys in the very near future.

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