nice selection of bagels with some classic fillings

It really is one of the best markets in the country.  Not that I have been to that one in Pretoria or Sedgefield, but it resembles something you get in first world countries.

I love everything about food markets and wish there were more, and wish I could shop in them everyday.

I hadn’t been to the neighbourgoods market (still find the ‘actual’ name of this market a bit odd) for a while as the overcrowding wears down my limited patience reserves, so it probably wasnt the smartest move to pick the Saturday on the Easter week end to pay a visit and snap some pics for this post.

I arrived just after 9am and the place was already too full for my enjoyment.  I like going on a rainy day in July when the Springboks are playing – a whole improved market going experience for me.

Nevertheless, its foodie nirvana with a few fab new stalls, best captured and brought to you visually.

fruit & veg
abundant and so naturally beautiful
all sorts of olives in barrels
some wonderful local cheeses
a dedicated mushroom stand that is uber impressive
an array of exotic mushrooms to choose from
a very interesting mushroom that serioulsy tastes like chicken
caramelised onion and tomato tarts
Steve selling delicious charcuterie
waffles and pastries all over the place
managed to narrowly resist the pork pies (washed down with a cold cider would have been very scrumptious)
knead bread
proper dutch poffertje's - freshly made in front of you
always a little bit too packed
flat bread pizza type thing (a little bit pricey)


  1. thecreativepot

    You know I’ve toyed with the idea of going, but your post has just convinced me. I am SO there next weekend.

  2. I’ve toyed with the idea of going, but your post has just convinced me. Next weekend I am THERE!

  3. I’m jealous. In Toronto where I live, my public health rules, all those lovely tarts and baked goods need to be behind glass. It’s like being in a museum

  4. Sam

    Hi Elisa – that is a pity. At markets they are out for such a short period – Im sure they aren’t goignt o be exposed to anything harmfun in that time.

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