Vietnamese rice rolls are so versatile, I thought I would experiment away from the typical Asian flavours, and was thrilled that they worked out so well.

I had wanted to do a kind of ‘roast chicken caesar salad wrap thing’, but  due to a few ingredient availability issues, they evolved into these.

You can add anything you like, but this is what I did before I got rolling:

  • I shredded some chicken off a ready roasted Woolies (free-range) bird
  • cut up a few strips of avo (in season—- halla-loo-lia)
  • cut a few thin batons of cucumber (julienne)
  • ripped off a few cos lettuce leaves, cut in half and overlapped

I made a little dressing as follows: (and spread about a teaspoon over the overlapped 2 leaf halves)

  • Mayo/sour cream/ yoghurt/ spring onion /anchovy/ black pepper

I chopped a few anchovies (the caesar salad vibe) and spring onions very finely and added this to a concoction of about 2 tablespoons each mayonnaise, sour cream and greek yoghurt. I happened to have the sour cream and greek yoghurt on hand, but only mayo or sour cream or yoghurt would work.  I added a dash of Maldon and lots of freshly ground black pepper.

Soak the rice paper rounds for a few seconds in boiling water.  The hotter the water, the quicker the softening. Then place the soft rice paper on a flattened out and dampened tea towel. They can be a bit sticky, but just gently pull apart and after a few goes you become a pro.

Wrap them up like this:

the chicken and avo parcels ready to be wrapped
place the lettuce and chicken on the softened rice paper towards the bottom and in the middle
flap over the sides
flap over the bottom flap and then hold the parcel tightly and roll up to the top

Right, so easy and delicious with a bit of X factor.  I reckon a few of these tucked into a picnic with a lovely chilled bottle of bubbly would seal the deal.  There really should be no reason why I don’t have a boyfriend.

Vietnamese chicken and avo rolls

I look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

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  1. This is genius! I could gobble up quite a few of these guys – mmm the avo must be fantastic in there.

  2. Oh goodness me these look just stunning. Thanx! I can just imagine the dressing with a dash of wasabi in it…but that’s the hotstuff in me hehe!! Shall we all start looking out for a boyfriend for you??? :o) xx

  3. mmm wasabi would be fab with these. Nice! and yes the more people on the lookout for a boyfriend for me the better (ha ha) 🙂

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