giovanni's: possibly the best deli and food shop in south africa

Giovannis - food shop heaven

There are times when dedication and passion to food is so apparant it’s almost tangible. This is what you pick up every time you walk into Giovannis in Green Point.

This amazing food shop and deli is always bustling and you never have to wait long for a friendly staff member to help you.  The owners are always around, with more smiles, and more help. It’s simply a pleasure to shop there.

For me its like a mini trip to Europe, and I love wondering around checking all the beautiful products on offer, wishing I was a gazillionaire and could just pick up a bottle of Veuve or Dom on a whim, to wash down my Serrano ham and Gorgonzola with. Sigh!

Its essentially food retail nirvana.

The shop is very compact and products are arranged and merchandised neatly in categories.  If you dig deep you will find some hidden treasures like Zwyer caviar @ R9950 for 125gms in the coolest nifty black ‘pearl’ packaging. The sturgeons that produce this caviar swim around in a pristine Uruguay habitat (yes this is in the Southern Hemisphere). They are farmed with words like: sustainability, traceability and responsibilty which we love when it comes to our food. You need to check out the website, mermaids and all.  It’s so impressive, and the photography so stunning, you will be reaching for your wallet going …’hell its only R80 a gram’.  Giovannis is the only retailer to stock this product.

a fridge dedicated to imported duck products and caviar --and a bit of clever cross merchandising of Moet, DP and Veuve - of course

Check out the Zwyer Caviar website, its insane.

You will find this alongside other lesser roe and delectable goodies at Giovannis.

another little gem, bottarga di tonna, aka dried tuna roe to sprinkle over pasta or add to a sauce
a delicious array of prepared meals if you are in a hurry

 Choose your bread and filling for a custom made sandwich on the go.

eat in or takeaway - damn I wish I drank coffee
then there is the chocolate section
a little bit of fresh produce and lots of hanging panettone
you can get cherry diet coke (not my cuppa) or dr pepper
the coffee and tea department
a plethora of olive oils and vinegars
some fantastic ready made goodies for parties or picnics
italian liqueurs
a really great selection of wine
and then just for the final temptation as you leave the shop, an impressive stock of imported confectionary, like dark and white kit kat, polo mints, dime bars and rieses peanut butter cups

Giovannis Deli World, 103 Main Road, Green Point

Tel: 021 434 6893


  1. I always eat my favourite european foods there and I love it. Few days ago for my birthday, I bought a bit of “deli starterters” everyting for my friends and they all enjoy it. I must confess I said “I cook it” as I could not let it slip where do I get it from, but they all new it as we all go there for our favourite italian coffee many times. Keep up the good work.

  2. anton-uro says:


  3. Katrina Downing says:

    Dear Team

    My 50th birthday party is on 31 January 2015 and the theme is “Love in Portofino”. I will be doing antipasto as starters, which I will come and and buy directly from your deli. As part of the main course, I would like to serve spinach and ricotta cannelloni. Do you offer ready prepared cannelloni? It will be for 70 people.

    Many thanks and kind regards


  4. Hi Katrina, its best to contact Giovanni’s directly at the shop as this was only a blog post abou their shop. Thi is not their site. Speak to Nic or Giovanni.


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