1. Well at least the customer isn’t paying for the design… unlike posey whatever!!

  2. Ballie van Wyk

    As an old Darling Boy, (does anyone still know the song, “We are the boys of dear old Darling….?”), I visited Darling again, as I regularly do, on 28.9.10. We had lunch at the Marmalade Cat. There for the first time I saw Darling Brew. I bought 2 bottles of beer and two bottles of local wine, Wihington Carignan. These I brought with me to Bloemfontein. I have had one of each. If only I had known better the day I was at Darling! I will be back and will buy a few boxes of each. Now don’t you ever say anything negative about Darling and it’s beer and wine ever again. I left Darling in January 1958 and still talk about it as “My Home Town”. Cheers to Darling it’s beer, wine and people.

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