bar bar black sheep restaurant

It’s a funky little restaurant nestled smack in the middle of downtown Riebeek-Kasteel, and we went there on Saturday for lunch during the Olive Festival. 

It was a very busy day and a band was playing in the courtyard. We were charged a R25 cover, even though we were eating AND drinking in the restaurant next door.

the courtyard of bbbs - quite packed and definitely looked like it was going to become a big skop

The restaurant is eclectic and filled with memorabilia of a bygone South Africa era.  I particularly liked the old Scope magazine cover poster in the loo.

 It’s quaint and sweet and there is attention to detail.  The menu was put on for the festival with a few tapas and some mains, relatively limited but quite interesting. 

I ate the snoek fishcakes, which were pan-fried and then baked in the oven, served with ginger and cinnamon sweet potatoes and a pineapple and coriander sambal (R68). The fishcakes were delicious and mainly made from fish, but I found the sweet potatoes far too sweet. I know it’s a big feature in Afrikaans cuisine, but this was ‘wragtig’ too sweet for me. I could have slapped on a dollop and cream and it would have been a pudding.

snoek fishcakes on enamel plate

 The friend had some of the tapas:

Pan fried Chorizo’s with onion and red wine (R26) – spicy, and tasty
Marinated Calamari Tentacles (R30) – tender and nice

marinated calamari tentacles

Sardines stuffed with roasted onion and chilli wrapped in pickled vine leaves (R32) – hot but well liked.

a funky twist on sardines on toast

  We were once again sent into a bit of shock by the wine prices that rivaled the top end in Cape Town, and settled on a Kloovenburg Rose at a staggering R130 per bottle.  This wine originated from about 2km up the road, and sells for R45 per bottle – so once again having to deal with just over a 300% mark up. Why do they do this?  Is 100% markup just not enough?

The Kloovenburg Rose

 Special mention needs to be made about the bread, which we had to order and pay for by the slice.  It was however homemade and very good and we ploughed through quite a few.

 Anyway a pleasant little luncheon was had in the pretty courtyard.  Not cheap and cheerful as it landed up being R190 per person for one course and half a bottle of wine with the cover charge.

the courtyard

 Bar Bar Black Sheep Restaurant, Short Street, Riebeek Kasteel, 022 448 1031


  1. The tentacles look awesome. Nothing like a little profit taking during a festival…
    Sad but true – no concept of fair profit and ensuring repeat business out of festival times

  2. We went to BBBS on the Sunday of the Olive Festival. I had the fishcakes which were delicious and I agree that the sweetpotatoes were too sweet. Loved the coriander sambal. A friend had the calamari tentacles and were sadly very tough and tasteless – so they must have been leftover from Sat! Otherwise, was a lovely lunch and I agree, overpriced.

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