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Maybe it’s because I’ve been to at least the last 10 Good Food & Wine shows if not every one, or maybe it’s because I have had the privilege to go to Anuga and experience the best food show in the world, but this years Good Food & Wine show just feels same old same old to me. There was nothing really new. 

Now I’m not talking about the bigger than ever and very fabulous theatre of food, with all the rock star chefs that have been brought out, because that is impressive, I’m talking about the exhibition area.  Maybe it’s because these are lean times and marketing budgets are slashed, or that the South African market is too small, but there seemed to be no great product innovation or introductions. I guess if a company has no ‘new news’ there is not much point going to exhibit at these sorts of shows. There were a few small and interesting producers, the kind of producers you see at food markets. 

I liked:

Sunflower butter from Sunspread – I bought a jar in order to become more closely acquainted.

By Nature – an impressive range of natural and organic dried fruits and nuts.  I particularly liked the dried pomegranate seeds, almonds (local) and pistachio nuts from the Northern Cape (difficult to type and crack open at the same time).     

by nature products

Sublime– a very pretty and very pink range of delightful confectionery, meringues and biscuits.  The chocolate fudge silenced me for a few seconds, that moment when the tongue tells the brain that something really good is going on. 

sublime confectionery

Ornico – Flavours of Latin America.  Three very spicy ladies selling some delicious and hot handmade sauces, empanada’s and taco’s.

some lovely latin flavours at ornico

Eureka Mills– Premium stone ground flour from a family business in the Overberg region and the kind of producer that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about the way the wheat is farmed. The bread baked from this flour that I tasted was exceptional.  If Ile de Pain in Knysna use it – its good enough for me.

Eureka Mills

Fish & Game– Peter Stevens specializes in some exceptional smoked seafood products.  We tried the smoked tuna, to which I am going to say little else except that I cannot wait to get my hands on this very, very soon…I’m thinking smoked tuna carpaccio.  Watch this space!

spectacular smoked tuna

Feast-de-renaissance – a fabulous range of pears in a syrup of red wine, raspberry and cinnamon. The opportunities to extend this product are almost endless.  They also do some funky stuff with plums, citrus and blueberries.


Contact details of above:


For me the main focus was definitely the big name chefs they brought out and I was very thrilled to be able to catch Willie Harcourt Cooze . I’ve been a big fan of his TV show and watched his progress as he started his chocolate factory, and seeing and chatting to him in person, this is a man that oozes passion for chocolate from every single one of his pores. 

the chocolate guru in action

He talked about how he landed up buying his Venezuelan cacao bean farm and some of the elements that are involved in the making of the product.  We tasted a toasted cacao bean, and could pick up hints of how this fruit lands up becoming confectionery.  We also tasted chocolate nibs and then, what I had wanted to taste for a long time, the 100% chocolate.  Wow! what a taste sensation.  I cannot wait to try it in some savoury cooking.  The 69% and 70% was spectacular, very different with an interesting acidity.

Then it was on to see Luke Dale Roberts from the 12thbest restaurant in the world; La Colombe and Scot Kirton from the neighboring River Café who did a little bit of ‘ready steady cook’. JeannieD rather charmingly handled the presenting part. 

luke dale roberts and jeannie d

The master seemingly effortlessly whipped up two courses in 30 minutes.

luke doing a bit of drizzling
scot, jeannie and luke checking out the final meal
a little starter of seared yellowtail, just whipped up
luke and the fan


  1. I couldn’t get in there today, the traffic and parking was so hectic… really had a day amongst the stars….

  2. drizzleanddip

    I hope you go to the shows with the chefs, thats the best part. Enjoy :-

  3. I went to see Giorgio Locatelli last night – he made risotto. I melted right along with the butter… Delicious man. I also found the exhibition area disappointing.

  4. The smoked tuna definitely caught my eye! Do share where one can get hold of some.

  5. drizzleanddip

    Hi Marisa, hes an independent guy called Peter Stevens, Fish & Game: 021 5512505 email:, its melt in the mouth awesome! 🙂

  6. drizzleanddip

    I love Giorgio Locatelli, mmmm… am thinking of popping back tomorrow to check out a few more shows, IF I have the energy to deal with the abominable parking situ

  7. Great post, Sam. Have linked to it in my post on the same subject. Gnashing my teeth about having missed the smoked tuna – it looks heavenly.

  8. drizzleanddip

    Thanks J :-), I’m going to add the contact details to my post and then you can just buy some, what a treat!

  9. Do you know where I can find Orinoco’s products? I need them!

  10. Looks like you had a ball! I saw quite a lof of the Feast d’Resistance stuff on the Garden Route when I was down in march – very tempting. But the thing that intrigues me the most is the smoked tuna!!

  11. drizzleanddip

    Jeanne – that smoked tuna is the business, melt in the mouth and with so much flavour.

  12. drizzleanddip

    Hi Deb, I updated the post with all the contact details for Orinoco

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