the sidewalk cafe, derry street, vredehoek

I had heard a lot of good things about the Sidewalk Cafe so booked to go a few weeks back for supper.  It was a Friday night.  They were very busy and I could only get a table at 8.30.  No problem, Carlyles which is a semi local of mine, is just down the road so perfect to kick off there.

So it went something like this: 7.30 drinks at Carlyles – smashed 2 large glasses of red, bumped into friends.  Sidewalk phoned at 8.30 to say the table was not quite ready but we could wait at the bar and have a drink.  Arrived Sidewalk aprox 8.45 they were very apologetic and gave us a complimentary bottle of French sparkling wine (we like this sort of attitude). Restaurant packed and very busy, reminding me of Paris.  Me wishing I was in Paris, but I digress.  Bubbly flattened quite quickly between 3 of us, the 4th person not drinking due to MTB commitments the next day.  Sat down at about 9.15 (not entirely sure).  We ordered a bottle of Diemersfontain Pinotage (chocolate yumminess).  I ordered the rack of lamb (special), 2 others ordered the rump which wasnt on the menu and the other ordered the slow roasted springbok shank with roast veg, mash and gremolata.  We ate at around 9.45ish,  not entirely in a proper condition to fully evaluate the food. But,  I do know that my lamb was delicious and I scraped every last bit of rosemary and red wine jus (being extremely hungry by this stage).  The rump steak was incredibly tough and discussing it the next day, it really should have been sent back. Luckily for Sidewalk, too much wine and too much hunger so this didnt happen. The Springbok was enjoyed. There was quite a bit of socialising,  a lot more drinking.  The staff were fantastic, very knowledgeable and interesting and all round a great eve. 

my lamb with spinach, mash and carrots

I thought I had better go back for lunch and try something else, so met a friend there the other day.  I had a grilled chicken caesar salad with bacon, parmesan and cos (R45).  The friend had a sandwich with ham, mozzarella, pickles and mayo on sourdough (R49)

served in a lovely big wooden bowl
very soft bread, densly packed

The food was great.

They do breakfast for lunch and we saw ‘the classic breakfast stack’ going to a table and wow!  The avo, bacon, chicken burger with chilli  looked generous and tasty (I’m having this next time).

I tend to have more confidence in menu’s that are shorter rather than too long.  Its a throw back from my days in the industry.  It is better to do a few things really well than try and be something to every one. I also hate being confronted by too much ‘agony of choice’.  Having said that, I also like to feel that there is a choice, and I would want to eat a few options or feel enticed to want to come back.  The Sidewalk menu is perfect for me, enough selection to keep me interested and wanting to come back, but not overwhelming me.

A great spot for breakfast, lunch and supper.

33 Derry Street, Vredehoek: 021 4612839

inside the sidewalk cafe

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