cherry and apple crumble

I wanted to make a heartwarming and comforting pudding for the motherless mothers day lunch.  I felt like having the red juicy cherries bubbling through the crumb (I just love it when it they do that), but I also wanted my all time favourite dessert: apple crumble.

cherries bubbling out

What a winning combination and yet so simple.

I’m a huge fan of texture and of Super Foods, so to add a little bit of crunch and health I substituted 50gms of the flour with oats.  I ground these up with the other crumb ingredients, but think next time I will add in afterwards thus keeping them whole.

what you need for the filling

  • 2 x 350 gms tins of pie apple slices
  • 300gms of frozen cherries (I used Hillcrest) thawed
  • 1 1/2 tsp of cinnamon
  • 7 Tbsp of sugar (about 100ml)

for the crumble:

  • 150gms plain flour
  • 50gms oats
  • 100gs castor sugar
  • 150 gms butter

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C

Process all the crumble ingredients in a food processor until fine and just starting to clump together, but still a loose crumb. Or you could use a knife and cut the butter in and then pinch until you get the crumbs.

Mix all the pie filling ingredients together and fill a 25cm / 10 inch pie dish.

apple and cherry filling, with all its own juice

Spread over the crumbs to try and evenly distribute and gently push down into the filling and to the sides. Its quite a snug fit, but the crumbs do sink a bit while being baked.

Bake for about 25 – 35 minutes until golden brown all over.

I served this with my home made vanilla bean ice cream made on request for my special friend, who took the ownership of it a little to bit far and became very reluctant to allow anyone to have seconds. Bless.

Reminding me of America, but feeling very much like home, Im left wondering why we dont seem to use cherries enough. 

Comfort food at its beast, be prepared for warm fuzzy smiles of gratitude and no leftovers.

delicious with vanilla ice cream


  1. drizzleanddip

    Thanks – could do with a bit of that now myself on a day like today, with the largest hangover. Steers was delicious earlier – now I need sugar 🙂

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