Heston and Luke with the La Colombe team

I would have given my eye teeth or maybe another body part to have been at La Colombe on Tuesday night where Heston popped past for dinner and to say howzit to his fellow San Pellegrino winner, Luke Dale Roberts.

I had heard on Sunday night via twitter that Heston was in town, and was spotted at the Waterfront and I got all excited.  Just having him in our beautiful city is pleasure in  itself.  Welcome Heston, I hope you have a fantastic stay here.  I hear via the grapvine that this  is certainly not your first trip.  A man of taste, and with connections here. We love it.

Heston and Luke met in London after the awards and were caught in this lovely informal interview after the event for the BBC. The famous restaurant critics Jay Rayner (the chair of the San Pellegrino British judging panel)and Mitchell Davis (who has a phd in restaurant reviewing), take on the chefs. How the hell do you get a phd in restaurant reviewing?

Chef vs. critic: restaurant review

We all know about the incredible Heston Blumenthal who has been described as a culinary alchemist for his innovative style of cuisine.  His restaurant, The Fat Duck, is a three Michelin-starred restaurant which has regularly ranked among the Top 10 restaurants in the World and in 2005 achieved no.1 spot in the Restaurant Magazine’s list of the World’s Best Restaurants.

Heston complimented the team at La Colombe for a totally memorable dining experience.

I cant wait to go to La Colombe and experience the new winter menu. I so enjoyed watching Luke cook at the Good Food & Wine Show recently.


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