how to turn a failed batch of jam into a frozen yoghurt

I made a batch of strawberry jam last year which didn’t exactly set to the desired jamminess, and landed up being more like a very sweet strawberry sauce with chunks of strawberry’s floating on top.  

This was before I discovered the revolutionary, and now much preferred method of small batch jam making.

I thought this would not go to waste and could be made into milkshakes, poured over waffles or pancakes etc.  The only thing is I don’t really eat that kind of stuff all that often.  So I gave a few jars away to friends with kids in the hope that they could be put them to good use.

I was getting tired of seeing 2 large remaining jars of this strawberry sauce lying around my kitchen and I hate wasting food, so I took a litre of full fat greek yoghurt, mixed in a cup of the strawberry ‘jam’ and then sent it through my ice cream maker to make a tasty strawberry jam frozen yoghurt.

You could just loosten up any strawberry jam with a bit of water, add to yoghurt and either eat as is, or turn into a frozen dessert.

Similar to my halva frozen yoghurt, its great to add a scoop with fresh fruit and berries, a bit of skim milk and turn into a delicious smoothie.

strawberry jam frozen yoghurt


  1. Clever re-use of ingredients…..making ice-cream with this intensely flavored syrup is so clever!

  2. drizzleanddip

    Thanks Nina, I hate wasting food – so this was a nice solution…and plain yoghurt is pretty bland.

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