Komati Foods in Obs - awesome for fruit and nuts and lots of other goodies

Komati Foods on Lower Main Road in Observatory have been around for a while and seriously have the best nuts in town.  All the nuts are sourced from top suppliers and roasted on the premises.  You can choose to buy them raw or roasted and in different pack sizes, sugar, yoghurt or wasabi coated. We are talking high quality and super fresh here.

very large selection of fresh nuts

I tried the sugar coated cashew clusters, which had an almost honeycomb texture and a food first. My oh my were these good. I can see Vanilla taking a few detours in the future to pick up a pack.  I’m thinking chopped up and sprinkled on my peanut butter cupcakes with peanut buttercream frosting.

sugar coated cashew clusters, a marvelous snack

The dried fruits range is also very impressive and includes dried cherries, cranberries and whole dehydrated strawberries which are my absolute best. Turkish apricots, stalk raisins and unsulphured peaches and mangos. They have some nice glace options including kiwi which I had never seen before.

glace kiwi

Seeds are in abundance. All types of lentils and unusual grains can be bought , rye, chickpea, rice etc.

seeds and grainsIts also a 'health shop' stocking typical items: raw honey, agave sugar, Canadian maple syrup, muesli and carob etc, and some dairy products.A wide range of health foods

Dig around and find all sorts of little exciting treats. Like Marmite rice crackers.

marmite rice crackers

Its a destination foodie shop for sure.

komati foods

74 Lower main Road, Obseratory. 021 448 2130

olive oils etc


  1. LOVE love love this shop! It is such a treasure trove of goodies!

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