the zen like interior of Kyoto garden sushi

I am embarrassed to admit that up until now I had never eaten at Kyoto garden sushi before. And this is not through a lack of desire to, but for various reasons it just hadn’t happened.

It’s regarded by many as amongst the top three places to eat sushi in the city, the other being Nobu and Willoughby & co. I wholeheartedly agree.

Fortunately that has all changed now, and a friend and I popped in for a bit of supper last Tuesday night after a few hours of cheering Bafana Bafana being knocked out the world cup.  I am sure  there aren’t many countries that can party as though we had won the tournament, whilst we were being eliminated.  I guess we all know that from a bigger picture point of view, we as a coutry have won so much.  Beating France was also a stellar effort by our boys.

So stepping into the very tranquil restaurant after a good few hours in the Fan Park and walking through the busy streets of Cape Town was quite a stark contrast indeed.

Its minimalist, peaceful and zen like.  A very pleasing environment to be in.

My friend David, who is very much a local at Kyoto, and very familiar with the menu did the ordering.  He wanted me to try there signature cocktail off a very extensive and impressive list, called the Dirty Ninja Sakatini.  Its made from Stolychnya vodka, Japanese sweetened sake and Tanqueray gin which has been muddled with cucumber, ginger and served with bits of finely sliced nori.  Well what an exceptional drink this is.  Its totally unique with  a very unusual taste, which when you hit the bottom part of the drink, the nori part, you feel like you are tasting the sea. 

the very potent dirty ninja sakatini

A little taster of jellyfish and sea snails was presented.  Delicious and subtle.

pickled sea snails and jelly fish a lovely little amuse

We had the chef’s creation for R245, based on what the chef has available and deems to be the best options, which was a mix of rolls, nigiri and sashimi. I loved the cape salmon  and the wild salmon was sublime.

sushi, sashimi and rolls
served with fresh wasabi and wasabi paste

Kyoto are well know for serving fresh wasabi root with the sushi along with wasabi paste.  It was exciting to taste this.

The dessert was a green tea crepe with green tea ice cream floating around a pool of a delicious vanilla custard sauce.  Off the chart amazing.  This green tea ice cream is one of the most delicious ice creams I have eaten in a while and its memory still lingers. It was silky smooth and creamy with a perfect  green tea flavour.

I cant wait to go back and try other exceptional looking main courses, more sushi and few of the the other wildly exciting cocktails.

fresh wasabi root

Kyoto garden sushi: 11 Lower Kloofnek Road, 021 4222001


  1. thanks for posting this. sounds so tranquil and very delicious – worth a visit. how was it on the pocket?

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