I was in Joburg last week to celebrate my brothers 30th birthday and popped past a few of my favourite foodie spots to see what they were getting up to and take a trip down memory lane.

There are more, but these are a few of my all time best.


It’s an Italian deli and restaurant tucked away in the Oaklands Centre in Oaklands, specialising in fresh home made and imported Italian pasta and other delectable goodies.  Their chocolate torte is legendary and to this day and after many attempts, I have not been able to emulate their moreish fried courgette frites.

The home made pasta sauce they make is some of the best you will find, multi functional and perfect to drizzle, splash, stir or douse pretty much anything in, or over and I was never without a few jars in my cupboard when I lived in Joburg.

Tortellino D'Oro in Oaklands
counters laden with biscuits
delicious ready made pasta dishes to take home
their own gelato
the restaurant bleeds into the deli section and they sell fantastic pasta sauce in jars
Italian deli counter things
thick and juicy pizza slices


Its possibly one of the prettiest little bakery cum tea shops in town. Its Paris meets gran meets Cath Kidson with black,white and pink dominating the small space. The shelves are over filled with cake boxes and a central multi tiered table is packed with delectable baked treats under a gigantic crystal chandelier.

The Patisserie is located in the infamous Post Office Centre in Illovo, directly opposite ‘Assagi’ which is without a doubt the best Italian restaurant in South Africa (in my humble opinion).

You can take your own dishes to be filled with their delicious meals for your next dinner party. The Chicken pie they make is something I still dream about.

It’s definitely not a place to go to if you are counting your pennies. Be prepared to pay R10 for a macaroon or R22 for a petit four and a salmon or Parma Ham filled croissant will set you back R60. Don’t let anyone tell you that Cape Town is the more expensive city.

the patisserie in the post office centre in Illovo
macaroons and petit fours
tiered table and chandelier
cupcakes, meringues, tarts, brownies etc
a few nice little gift things


This is my favourite of all the Fournos bakeries and in my opinion they make one of the best, or possibly the best chocolate croissant in this fine land.  It’s worth going there just for the chocolate croissant, preferably soon after its been baked.  You need to get there early as they run out quickly.

They have a very impressive range of bread, some of the widest and best you will find anywhere. 

I love the rotisserie chickens, succulent and tender, you literally have to suck the rosemary juices from the trussing string.

Fantastic sandwiches, ready made dips and pates. 

They make very thick, very big and tasty quiches

I love!

one of my favourite bakeries
a wide range of ciabatta
an impressive deli and ready meal section
cheese, ready made goodies and charcuterie
bread wonderland
Jayded and the rotisserie chickens
very impressive large quiches
fabulous mini sausage rolls and spanokopita
the last couple of chocolate croissants


  1. Fournos Bakery – how could I have forgotten about it! Absolute BEST croissants ever!

  2. I fervently hope I will never, ever move back to Joburg, but if I do I’ll remember this post 🙂

  3. drizzleanddip

    You and me both, NEVER moving back there – but nice for the odd visit

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