Lindt chocolate studio and petit gateaux course

The state of the art Lindt chocolate studio in the old cape quarter

Last week I got to attend the petit gateaux course at the Lindt chcoloate studio, which I had been looking forward to for months. I love baking so thought this particular course would take the skill level up a notch. 

the 'classroom' at the Lindt chocolate studio - so impressive

Over two days we learned how to make 8 beautiful little cake creations, all of which incorporated in some way the delectable range of Lindt couverture.

the petit gateaux's

Each recipe has been thoroughly tested and all the ingredients are presented in very accurate weight measurements.  A lot of specific techniques were taught, a lot of wonderful tricks and mostly an overriding understanding about chocolate tempering.

painting the inside of chocolate tart cases
the tricky art of making macaroons
ok this was super cool...spray painting white chocolate onto mousse

Once you understand some of the fundamentals around how chocolate is made and how it needs to be melted and handled, the process of baking with it becomes much more accessible.

Its fascinating stuff!

The course was led by the very charming and knowledgeable chocolatier and pastry chef, Dimo Simatos with a team of supporters who made the logistics of learning all the techniques and process quite seamless.

There was a lot of stuff going on.

Our lecturer, Dimo Simatos

The first day was about moving through the different recipes and making up the  layers. The second day was about turning the layers into beautiful little gateaux’s and adding all the finishing touches.

I loved every minute of it.

A few of our finished little cakes:

raspberry mousse gateaux encased in a charlotte sponge
45% chocolate mousse with a hazelnut praline and decorated with white chocolate paper
49% swiss chocolate mousses with a fresh mint ganache

As with all things food, the proof is in the taste and my oh my were these little cakes exceptional, off the chart and mind numbingly amazing.

This course is probably not suited for a beginner baker, but the chocolate studio offers a wide range of courses to suit a range of levels and budgets from basic chocolate appreciation to more advanced chocolate decor and show pieces.

check out their website for more details: Lindt Chocolate Studio, or just pop in and buy chocolate, truffles, books, equipment or have a cup of hot chocolate.

lindt chocolate on sale at the studio
white chocolate mousse with a raspberry ganache

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  1. they look absolutely awesome. I am saving up to do a course there and am pleased to hear it will be worth every penny.

  2. Divine darling, looks so amazing! The second choc cake with the ganache looks phenomenal. My type of yumminess!

  3. I am dying to do this course. I expect to see some of these creations featuring on your site soon!!!
    Well done!

  4. I am absolutely green with envy! Amazing pictures!

  5. drizzleanddip says:

    Hi Tandy. It was truly a wonderful course to go on, so many new thigs as chocolate is quite technical and then the baking and the recipes were fantastic. Its worth doing it just to get the tried and tested macaroon recipe and the chocolate mousse. Just do it, you will love it.

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