the BOS range of iced teas

In case you didn’t know I come from a bit of a marketing background, I was a brand manager for many years in Joburg. So when I see good branding and packaging I get all excited.

Very excited is exactly how I felt when I first clapped eyes on the very stylish, uber South African BOS iced tea brand.  The packaging is so ‘stand out’ amazing, I would buy the product for that reason alone.

I also found myself wanting to keep the cans on display after I drained them of there delicious nectar, and felt a bit strange putting them in my recycling bin. They don’t belong in any kind of bin.  They are simply too good looking.

One of the owners of BOS, Grant Rushmere worked internationally on a brand called ‘Afro’. You get the vibe. And the other owner, Richard Bowsher owns an organic Rooibos tea farm in the Cederberg. 

This is sounding like perfect synergy to me.

Ok branding and design aside, I am also a consumer and no product is going to get by just on what it looks like.  It has to taste great.

As a big fan of iced tea and in particular Rooibos iced tea (I make my own), the taste of BOS over delivered for me.  It has a very fresh and clean taste, and the perfect amount of sweetness. Many iced tea brands are overloaded with chemicals and sugar you can hardly tell any tea went in the product at all.

There are 3 fruit flavours in the range: lemon, peach and apple and then there is the utility range which comprises BOS slim and BOS energy. These two contain all sorts of exciting things like dandelion, ginko biloba, panax ginseng, gotu kola and guarana. 

I can think of many reasons why I need some of that.

This is a 100% proudly South African product, that tastes fantastic, looks even more fantastic and I have a feeling is going to become pretty famous.

The carb content is 7g per 100ml, which is standard across all the variants and quiet low in the bigger scheme of things.

The product is made from first grade organic rooibos, hence the name BOS and blended with all natural fruit flavours.

I thought I’d have a bit of fun and turn the lemon variant into an ‘iced tea mojito’. 

Very refreshing.  Just add a bit of vodka, a bit of Bacardi, loads of mint leaves and a few lime wedges, muddle a bit, add ice and drink.

BOS lemon iced tea mojito

And then I poured a can of the peach into my ice cream maker and churned for about 10 mintes to make a sorbet.

I’m thinking BOS energy and vodka sorbet as a bit of a party starter.

BOS peach iced tea sorbet

Information about BOS can be found on their website


  1. Love the bright colours! Definitely would be using the empty cans for display purposes – so pretty.

  2. The Mojito idea sounds great! What about crushing some rose petals with the mint and the peach iced tea… with rum of course! Yummy.

  3. drizzleanddip

    Hi Tandy, the ingredient dec says cane sugar, but it isnt that sweet. s

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