The Smoking Shed Launches

The time has finally arrived to let the cat fully out the bag about my new business venture into the very exciting and slightly mysterious world of cold smoking food.

My business partner Laurence Woodburn and I stumbled into the ancient and astisan craft recently, and decided it was an excellent opportunity for us to produce some exciting and distictive high quality products.

We built a beautiful smoking shed and imported a nifty piece of equipment from the the US of A.

We had a logo designed and built our starter website. 

But most importantly of all, we are busy sourcing the best possible ingredients to put through the shed and allow the pure cold smoke to impart its magical touch on a range of food and spices.

We are extremely excited!

We will do a range of products that we will be available on a regular basis, but are also looking forward to working with chefs and caterers to develop bespoke recipes.

There will be a lot going on so we will be putting updates about what we are smoking and where to find us on our website, our fb page and via twitter on a regular basis.

We are heading to the Constantia fine food and wine market this week end to trade for the first time.

Our product range will consist of (and depending on seasonal availability): cheddar, mozzarella, butter, macadamia and cashew nuts, salmon, tuna, swordfish, garlic, cured bacon, Atlantic sea salt and chilli flakes. All beautifully smoked.

We hope to see you there or sometime soon to sample our unique products.

the smoking shed smoked salmon
our first cured and smoked streaky bacon
smoked tuna on gaucamole


  1. Best of luck with the new business ! Nice looking logo, but more importantly very nice looking bacon (and that from a vegan!).

  2. Love the pictures and I am so excited for you guys. well done!!!

  3. Congrats Sam – may it go from strength to strength – look forward to tasting on the 28th – am I right in thinking this is the next Constantia market date?

  4. drizzleanddip

    Thanks Penny. Our first market was today and the next one is on the 28th. Look forward to seeing you there. S x

  5. Very excited for you wishing you all the best of luck! It’s right up your alley – make dreams come true!

  6. Alan Pretorius

    Where are your products available?
    I am in Durban and would love to get some smoked salt and spices as well as all the rest!
    Please let me know how to buy your products.
    Do you have agents in Durban?
    Kind regards
    Alan Pretorius

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