very professional and talented we learned so much from this guy

On Saturday I attended a masterclass presented by chef Neill Anthony arranged by fellow Cape Town food blogger, Jane-Anne Hobbs Rayner of Scrumptious South Africa.

Neill has an impressive background working in London kitchens under Gordon Ramsey and Marcus Wareing. He has cooked for many celebrities, so on Saturday whilst we learned so much about the dishes he was preparing, we also got a good dose of juicy foodie gossip.

What a fun day.

Neill prepared a 3 course lunch for us while we watched.

This is what was on the menu:

  • Liquid egg yolk ravioli with spinach, ricotta and butternut
  • Roast salmon with white bean vinaigrette and roasted baby beetroot
  • Prune and brandy souffles

It was also fabulous to see Nina Timm  ( and meet Matt Allison ( and then bond with all the other foodies there.

the whole salmon filleted and prepared
egg yolk ravioli made from scratch
the prune and brandy souffles
i knew you wanted to see the egg yolk easing out

 Silky creamy egg yolk ravioli on warm butternut puree, a drizzle of parmesan oil with a white onion foam = delicious.

roasted salmon with white beans and beetroot

Pan seared and then oven roasted Norwegian salmon on a broad bean vinaigrette and a bean puree with roasted beetroot = sensational.

prune and brandy souffle with a dollop of creme fraiche

Light and fluffy and not too sweet, these warm souffles tasted a bit like Christmas.

What a fabulous day with foodie friends, nice wine, exceptional food and a few little gifts to take home. I cannot wait for the next one.


  1. Great post and wonderful pix. I am so glad you enjoyed the class, Sam, and it was lovely to meet you.

  2. Divine post and some great pics – cant wait for the next one! x

  3. It was fun! great to meet you.
    Ps smoked butter and salt = AMAZING!

  4. Great pics, it eases my jealousy ever so sliiiiiggghtly at not being able to be there. But definitely want to come to the 2011 sessions!

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