baked in newspaper to give it a slight smoked flavour

This is a different way to bake new potatoes, locking in all the natural flavour and imparting a slight smokiness. The smoked butter  and smoked salt just takes this up a notch, while the thyme really infuses with the spuds giving them a lovely herby character.

Rosemary would work equally as well and is always a perfect potato partner.

It’s kind of a combination between steaming ‘en papillote’ and baking and requires the minimum amount of effort.

all the flavour is maximised and locked in during the cooking process

what you will need:

  • I bag new potatoes
  • a good few generous knobs of smoked butter (or butter)
  • smoked salt / fleur de sel / sea salt flakes
  • 6 – 8 sprigs of thyme

How to make these:

  • pre heat the oven to 180 C (I used my convection oven)
  • dampen one large piece of newspaper and place a large piece of greaseproof paper on top of this
  • rinse the new potatoes and pile them up in the middle of the grease proof paper with the thyme sprigs and dot over the butter
  • sprinkle with salt and wrap up tightlyand then fold the newspaper snugly around this making sure the edges are tucked underneath
  • bake for 90 minutes (checking at an hour) until nice and soft
  • I re-wet the newspaper twice during the cooking process and when the newspaper completely dried out
add more butter and sprinkle over salt


  1. Wicked Sam, just wicked!! I still have the smoked butter you gave me, it’s a no brainer what I will use it for!!!

  2. Smoked butter sounds amazing, But I must say, the newspaper makes it! Looks yum.

  3. Those look fantastic! What a brilliant idea. And I LOVE The Smoking Shed’s smoked butter.

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