the very popular societi bistro on orange street
chef Stefan Marais giving a bit of background to some of the dishes

Chef Stefan Marais of Societi Bistro wanted to bounce his new summer menu off a few foodies and get some feedback on it before it is officially launched. I was lucky enough to attend this occasion last Thursday evening.

What a brave move this was, inviting a whole bunch of people in to critique your work.

Judging by the extremely positive comments at our end of the table, I doubt that there will be many changes made to what was presented to us.

The new summer menu includes many more delightful options, but here are some of the dishes we tasted:

societi antipasti - home made charcuterie, grilled vegetables and bruschetta with a chickpea dip
one of my favourite dishes of the night the watermelon salad with goats cheese, cress, mint and vodka - so fresh and summery, I cannot wait to eat this again
chicken liver papardelle with sage, burnt butter and red onion
tomato fettuccine with oilve, basil and EV olive oil
very succulent half a chicken with tarragon, grapes, white wine and leeks - packed with flavour
very tasty lamb caponata with a minty green sauce
tender pork scaloppine with parsley potatoes and lemon courgette
grilled summer vegetables with green sauce and parmesan

The dessert menu continues with some of the Societi classics (thank goodness). Like, the Chocolate Nemesis, which is one of my all time favourite decadent cakes and one which I have blogged about here.

The baked cheesecake is there, probably one of the best I have ever eaten, and their creme brulee with vanilla pod. I mean who can live without this classic dessert.

the lovely Robyn Maclarty of 'Koek' blog and the very funny Solly Philander helped make this a delightful evening

Societi Bistro: 50 Orange Street, Gardens. Tel 021 4242100

the unpretentious neighbourhood bistro that can very easily become your local


  1. Ooh yes, you can do all my PR from now on :-p Lovely, lovely post – I want to take pictures like you when I grow up! x

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