Salted caramel

This is my favourite salted caramel recipe.



400gm sugar

165gm butter

250ml cream

Maldon salt to taste


Heat the sugar in a heavy based pot (I like a high sided cast iron pan as it can get quite messy)

and as soon as the sugar has all dissolved, remove it from the heat and add the butter in parts whilst continuously whisking warning it is VERY hot – the butter will splatter quite a bit, just keep whisking and ensure that you do not touch this sauce.

Return the pot to the heat and add the cream immediately, still whisking vigorously.

When the sauce has become smooth and amalgamated (this happens quickly) remove it from the heat and add a good sprinkle of salt which dissolves.

Allow it to completely cool and stir in another good sprinkle of salt which remains in its granular form.


If you add the cream to the sugar too soon it may split. If this happens return it to the heat and continue heat ing and stirring vigorously and it should amalgamate to form a sauce.