shortbread fingers with roasted cashew nuts


I love the sweetness of toasted cashew nuts with shortbread. They add a little extra crunch and flavour.

These are so easy to make.

What you need to make these:

  • 270gm butter (room temp)
  • 160gm castor sugar
  • 300gms flour
  • 150gm cornflour
  • 60gm chopped up toasted cashew nuts

How to make:

  • Pre heat the oven to 160 degrees c
  • using an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar until pale and light
  • add the chopped nuts and combine
  • add the flour and cornflour (I generally always sieve it in) and fold this into the sugar and butter mixture by hand until mixed into a stiff dough
  • line a baking tray with baking paper and gently press it evenly across the surface until you get the desired thickness
  • if the pan is too big, just use the area that is required. The dough is thick enough and will not spread out of shape
  • bake for 10 – 15 minutes until they are just turning a light golden brown
  • whilst the shortbread is still warm, cut into finger to the desired size (I find a pizza cutter works really well for this) and sprinkle over some castor sugar
  • allow to cool before eating or storing

You could dip these into dark chocolate or coat with caramel if you wanted to add another layer of decadence.

buttery with a little bit of crunch
bake and cool in the tray

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  1. Hallo! Just found your blog and loving every minute of it. You can’t beat shortbread, and I really like your idea of adding cashews. Definitely my favourite nut.

  2. Thanks Adele
    I think macadamias and other nuts would also work well

  3. hmmm… yes, macadamia nuts would be great! These look great though, nothing beats buttery and nutty.

  4. What about pecans and fudge?

  5. Hi Nadine, Im sure those would work well too.

  6. Hi, love it simple. Use self raising flour or plain flour ?

  7. HI Livia, not it would be normal flour unless I state self raising. cheers

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