flavourburst white flesh dessert peaches

As a food producer, marketer, blogger, stylist and general food freak, I simply love product innovation.  It totally spins my wheel, blows my hair back and cooks my veg!

I think mother nature does a spectacular job when it comes to fruit and vegetables in general, so I get quite excited when I see that something that is pretty perfect naturally can be made into something better.  Or attempted to be made better that is.

I loved the ‘nectarcot, which is a cross between a nectarine and a cling peach but hated the ‘grapple’ which is a cross between a grape and an apple.

I saw these three new and interesting things in Woolies yesterday (South Africa’s premium food retailer):

1. Donut Dessert Peach’s

the donut dessert peach

The question is ‘why’ would you do that to a peach? Then also, ‘how’ do you do that to a peach?

Either Way its been done, and I didn’t notice any marked improvement to the taste of the fruit.  It was marginally more user friendly to handle and eat.  Less messy and much neater.  No juice dripping down your chin and staining your clothes. A few dainty little bites, like eating a small sandwich.  The flesh is white and was perfectly juicy and sweet.

I am not sure if I am going to rush out and buy them again at the premium price of R19.95 for 6 and after eating one, I couldnt help but think ‘where is the rest’.

2. Flavourburst white flesh dessert peaches (pictured above)

These are marketed as being ‘supersweet, soft and juicy’ of the variety ‘ice princess’.  And this they indeed were. I found them rather delicious.  They had a smoother, almost creamy flavour with no acidity.  They were deceptively firm, but had more than enough juice.

3. Tomaraisins

the sundried cherry tomato that’s pretending to be a raisin

These look like raisins, and when you first put them in your mouth you think they are raisins. Then after a few chews, the very non raisin flavour hits you and you realise these are most definitely not raisins. They are dried cherry tomatoes with the same look and feel as a raisin.

Weird! But also pretty cool.

I’m not a huge fan of sundried tomatoes and would only ever cook with them in order to bring back their lost moisture content and to add a concentration of tomato flavour. So this being said, I look forward to using these tomaraisins in a recipe and I will most definitely be leaving them out of the salad.

ps: I cant help but wonder what they would be like cold smoked.


  1. Cant winkle up some new veggies can you – I am so so tired of veggies at the moment! I’m in line for some of those little tomatoes cold smoked!

  2. Aaah I love the white fleshed peaches. Started enjoying them last season and continuing this year. I also quite enjoyed the nectacot. Have not seen the donut peaches yet. Bought a pack of the tomaraisins a couple of days ago but havent opened them yet to try. Oh go on…….you know you want to smoke them!! 🙂 I bet they will be delicious! Beautiful photies! xx

  3. Sous Chef

    I also tried the donut peach and I had no idea what they were trying to achieve, also not a fan of sundried tomatoes.

  4. I haven’t come across the “grapple” yet, and I thought about oven drying cherry tomatoes the other day. Looks like Woolies beat me to it.

  5. I will have to think about this Sam, at the moment I feel it is kind of ……I don;t know, kind of weird tat we as humans always want to better…….outshine the creation…..old school I know, but maybe tomorrow I feel better!!!
    Great review and great photos. These are just MY feelings!!

  6. saw the donut peaches in Europe before we left, (3 years ago) so I am not sure but they may have been a variety developed (or grown) for a long time.
    Sorry but I have to disagree with Woolies being premium foods – especially where fruit is concerned. Their ‘ripe & ready to eat fruit’ is rarely that. Try & find cooking ingredients in Woolies (caster sugar & vanilla being 2 examples) and you find yourself running to another food shop. Very annoying!

  7. The tomaraisins look interesting and I can think of a few things to do with them… not sure about the donut peaches. Weird concept.
    I agree completely about the grapple – totally underwhelming!

  8. Sam, do you think that these “new” fruits could perhaps be results of GM? Remember the square tomatoes marketed in the US?

  9. Funny I read this article over the week-end and walked into our local veggie shop here in Adelaide and saw them! Had to have a giggle….

  10. I like the doughnut peaches because their low profile fits nicely into a lunch box. After doing some online reading I found they aren’t really a new fruit, they where introduced from China to the US around 1869.

    Also didn’t enjoy Grapples. Was interested to find they are not actually a cross between an apple and a grape, but actually Fuji apples that are “bathed” in a grape flavoured solution.

    Oh and don’t worry about square shaped tomatoes, they aren’t made that way through genetic engineering. During the growing process the your fruit is covered with a square shaped basket and as it grows it takes on the shape of the basket.

  11. Thanks Nicola, thats very intersting to know. When I mentioned ‘new’ fruit, I meant new to our market. I am always fascinated by any new introduction or development.

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