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I love Joburg! I love the very friendly people, the energy that the city generates and the millions of trees. I love that almost everyone drives well and with purpose. There is little dilly dallying around which suits my A type personality perfectly. The people work hard, the people play hard and the people like to interact and engage. I love the dramatic summer thunderstorms, the jacarandas that turn the place purple every year and I love how they have created very creative spaces out of derelict and unused inner city areas. 

When I was there last week I visited the Market on Main, which is at Arts on main in the eastern precinct of down town central Johannesburg. They converted a large construction parts company into an edgy space housing art galleries a restaurant, offices and residential properties. 

They are developing the block adjacent to it into a hotel, a skateboard park and more residential properties.

Every Sunday there is a food market with about 40 traders. Much like the Neighbourgoods Market at the Biscuit Mill, this is more of a lifestyle market, where the hipsters can hang out and eat lunch, and drink beer or wine.

I got there before the crowds.

This is what its all about:

renovated industrial space houses arts on main and the market

As a tap water activist I particularly liked the awareness created by a project ‘refresh, refill, repeat’, where you buy a funky glass bottle and lid and can fill up and keep.

There is an upstairs section which sells art, clothing, jewellery, ceramics etc

chorizo sausage frying, fresh bread, pancake fillings and healthier looking cakes
a beautiful smiling face on a stand selling traditional dishes, dessert cups and indigenous plants
a cupcake stand, ginger bear, a tap water station and some hanging chilli sauce

I wasn’t particularly blown away by what was on offer food wise. Perhaps because I am used to the high quality and wider selection of offerings at the Cape Town markets. I was certainly blown away by the development, the art galleries and the use of the space in what can be considered a very dodgy part of town.

large gallery space selling limited edition old drum magazine cover posters and a bit of the building

Market on Mainis open every Sunday from 10am – 2pm


  1. hi i’m wondering if i could follow your blog i’m one of the stall holders on arts on main

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