the beautiful lawns of Buitenverwachting

I had the lovely opportunity of attending this event for the first time on Saturday and what a fabulous time I had.

The intensly beautiful setting of Buitenverwachting, plus an abundant array of some of the best Sauvignon Blancs in the country, plus delicous food cooked by top chefs, plus beautiful people, plus bumping into fabulous friends is pretty much heaven for me and a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

beautiful wine, Bertus Basson and some stunning snacks

I wont be able to report back here what my favourite wines of the day were as there were so many, and due to my initial agenda of only being there for an hour and a half, it was a case of ‘speed and volume’ vs focused tasting and participating.

Nor will I be able to report back on the food with specifics other than I ate a few delicious morsels as they came my way.

I managed to reshuffle a few things, so left for an hour and then returned again for a bit of a braai supper around sunset, and to finish off the evening chatting with a few fellow food bloggers and Twitter friends.

I cant wait for next year and then I’m going to make sure I have  nothing else planned on that day.

more beautiful wine and snacks

things starting to get a little more ‘horizontal as the day progressed   Ming and Jacs and a move over to some red


  1. Sam

    You must definitely put on the calendar for next year. Uncrowded and sophisticated. x

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