delicious morsels of dim sum

Last night my delightful fellow food blogger and dim sum lover, Alida and I went to Wafu in Mouille Point to fully experience their incredible  menu.

I have been a regular at this restaurant for the past 3 and a bit years that I have lived back in Cape Town. So much so that at one stage we used to call it ‘the canteen’, and the Wafu bar is my favourite summer drinking spot. Who doesn’t want to hang out on an open balcony overlooking the sea and watching the yachts and ships sail by?

Its a place that now sits firmly in my blog category- ‘restaurants in a beautiful location’.

I rate their dim sum amongst the best you will find in Cape Town, and if you had seen the Justin Bonello “Cooked – Out of the frying pan’ TV series you will know what I’m talking about.  We simply had to order the steamed dumpling with the edamame beans.

I could ramble on for ages about why I love dim sum so much, but essentially its around the pleasure of enjoying multiple flavours and textures in one meal.  I love that the fillings are cooked right inside a variety of exciting parcels, locking in their delicateness. I also thoroughly enjoy dipping these little treasures into the various tasty sauces. Plain rice wine vinegar being one of them.

This is what we ate, washed down with lovely company and the cool Atlantic sea breeze wafting over us:

smiling roast lamb pau (the beautiful and fluffy steamed buns), spicy prawn fried dumpling and prawn toasts
spinach and cream cheese dumpling, prawn and edamame dumpling, flaky prawn puff dumpling, beef pot sticker dumpling
the flaky prawn puff dumpling
crispy aromatic duck with pancakes, spring onion and cucumber with hoisin dipping
the famous prawn and endamame dumpling (how do they get it in there?)
another look at these beautiful parcels
the view from wafu deck taken on a previous occasion

Wafu is part of, and located above Wakame on Beach Road Mouille point (their website is worth a visit even if its just to listen to the sea)

1st floor, Corner of Beach Road & Surrey Place, Mouille Point, Cape Town, 8005, South Africa, GPS -33.90012,18.40529, Telephone +27 21 433-2377

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  1. I’m greener then the edamame….

    Lucky fish you are

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