societi bistro and chef stefan marais

Yesterday afternoon I was lucky enough to be amongst the guests presented with Societi Bistro’s new autumn menu ahead of its launch next week. Once again chef Stefan Marais turned out a few gems.

rustic, quaint and extremely homely

There are items that are classics to the restaurant and these remain on the menu throughout the year.  Then there are items introduced periodically, making good use of the best available seasonal produce.

Stefan is committed to ethical and sustainable farming practices, and sources his chicken and pork from organic, free range farmers. This may affect the price slightly but adds a tremendous amount of value.

On an extremely hot and un-autumnal day, we sat outside on the terrace and this is how it looked:

the autumn menu starters: beetroot carpaccio with horesradish mayo, ox tongue with a caper-parsley sauce and dauphine potatoes, chicken liver parfait with toast and preserve and a roast butternut and feta salad with avocado
clare mack from spill, matt & kath allison and neill and ishay
boerewors fetuccini with cream, pancetta risotto with apple and parmesan, fetuccini lemone and aubergine fetuccini with baked ricotta
the two matt's, the table and stefan and the foodie
vegan lentil curry, lamb shanks, pork belly pot au feu with a mustard pickle relish, balsamic chicken fricasse
venison bourguignon with buttered mash, bacon lardon and pearl onions
a wonderful afternoon of eating and chatting to friends
beautiful interiors
a comfy couch in the bar which has a fire
a meal shared and enjoyed

Looking back on what we ate, the dishes that stood out for me and the ones I will want to eat again are: The liver parfait, the ox tongue (this was the first time I’v eaten tongue that I enjoyed), the pancetta risotto and the fettuccini lemone. I really enjoyed the venison bourguignon and the lamb shank.

My review of the Societi Bistro Summer menu can be found : here

Societi Bistro: 50 Orange Street, Gardens. Tel 021 4242100


  1. This looks like it was such a wonderful day, Sam! Those dishes look incredible. I’m looking more and more forward to Autumn, now.

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words Sam! You are a whizz with that camera of yours! I’m sure you make everything look a lot better than what it did on the day. Thanks again for coming through to share the special day with us…and we hope to see you some time soon in the autumn to come and sample some more tongue!

  3. If you want to go again, I am there! looks so scrumptious!

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