BOS launches their cocktail list

I love everything about this brand.  From the moment I first saw the clean and edgy packaging, to the first drop that landed on my tongue, I knew this product was going to be a success.

I have broken my ‘style guide’ and give them the very special and unique honour of using capital letters for their brand name in my headline.  Its the only way to go with it.

Its ALL South Africa, authentic, original and is run by a bunch of really cool people who’s business ethics and philosphies I admire.

Marie who handles the marketing at BOS and dispensing cocktails from the BOSsewa

When they first launched their 5 delicious rooibos iced tea blends into the market last year I did a blog post and made a BOS lemon iced tea mojito and a BOS peach iced tea sorbet.  Delicious!

Because the product tastes so damn fine and fresh, it lends itself perfectly to be blended into cocktails, and this is exactly what they have done at BOS.

True to the personalilty of the brand,they have come up with some really funky recipes and original names for them like:

Hugo BOS, The BOSanova, “BOSquito”, The BOMBOSSA, The BOS Telegraph, Double “0” BOS, BOStardo!, The BOS Blitz, The BOS Boomslang, BOS Island Ice Tea, The BOSfontein Punch, The FynBOS Fever Punch, The BOSberaad Punch and InniBOS 

BOS Lemon Ice Tea stirred lightly with vodka, a splash of Cointreau and a squeeze of fresh lemon and lime. Served straight up, stirred not shaken and completed with a cranberry and vanilla foam* or with an orange and cinnamon foam* and MONIN pomegranate syrup
the mixologist and the list

Last week I tasted quite a few of these at their cocktail launch party on the lawns in front of La Med and as expected was very impressed.

me sipping a cocktail as I quite like to do

Im not saying ‘I told you so’ or anything, but BOS was a finalist in the ‘Most Beautiful Object in South Africa’ award at this years design Indaba.

all kinds of deliciousness going on in those glasses


  1. These cocktails are Absolutely BOStastic! The only way to do is to work through all of them…

  2. Yum, I could totally do with a BOS cocktail right now!
    Stunning pic too Sam 🙂

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