city bowl market on hope street

Saturday saw the start of the new City Bowl Market on Hope. I went along to check it out and this is what it looked like:

the entrance to the old hall where the market is housed
its all indoors so all weather friendly with ample seating area on hay bales and wooden tables in the middle
Steve pulling a Darling on tap in the upstairs bar, organic unrefined rooibos tea from the Cederburg, fresh flowers and the obligatory cupcakes
lots of decadent chocolate baked goodies, fresh bread, olive oil and home made curries and samoosas
saszali hand crafted chocolates, fresh sushi, falafel and stunning wraps stuffed with chicken
smoked fish, sandwiches and a juice bar
delicious Yum brownies and a coffee bar with 100% African coffee 'bean there', a fudge stand, a cheese stand and some lovely looking lasagne
fresh buffalo mozzarealla, a wonderful biltong selection, pancakes, popcorn and a range of delectable goodies form the online store: Diletto

I love shopping in markets so I do hope that this one lasts.  pardon the pun.

Its centrally located with ample parking outside on the street. 

One of the highlights for me was the fresh fruit and veg stand at the entrance.  Phenomanal value with bags of apples and pears for R5 The pomegranates were also R5 which I consider an utter bargain as they are currently around R25 in mainstream retail outlets.  I bought quite a few.  I adore the the deep intense juice and at that price I will be sending those seeds through my juicer regularly,spooning them over my fat free vanilla yoghurt and sprinkling onto my salads.  Delicious!

I thought there could be more grocery items so perhaps there is still some room for expansion.  Its a fun place to meet for a coffe or a beer on a Saturday, grab a bite of lunch or brunch and pick up a few supplies.

The market is open every Saturday between 9am – 2pm.

Check out the online deli Diletto.


  1. Hello! I’m a new reader from sunny Florida, USA! Found your blog awhile back from your post on the yellowtail goujons and have been enamored since. Love your writing, beautiful photos and your depiction of life in South Africa. What a gorgeous country, especially for foodies! It’s a bit far for our next holiday, but I can always dream!

    You’ve also hooked me on cooking with smoked spices…. I’ve been haunting my local spice shop and bought several varieties of smoked salt and chiles. What a revelation!

    Looking forward to future installments….


  2. Sam

    Oh wow Trish, thank you so much! Lovely to hear from you.
    On the smoked side of things I only use smoked salt now – totally addictive.
    On the Cape Town side of things, I feel blessed every day to live in paradise.

  3. Lovely photos, Sam. This was actually my very first market since moving to CT and I loved it. The veg stand was incredibly cheap – R5 for peppers ! I will definitely be taking more bags the next time.

  4. Sam

    I know how awesome were the prices? I bought a double bag of apples for R5. I’ve got lots of cooking to do this week.

  5. Looks like a great winter market for rainy Cape Town. Can’t wait to get there. Excellent pics

  6. Thanks guys for all your kind words! We have worked incredibly hard to launch this market and to turn it into a success! Hope to see you all there soon again.


    Madelen – Market Manager

  7. Hey Sam

    Thanks to you and Dax there was no way we could miss out on the market (despite the drive from Blouberg:) Your blog and most beautiful photos are an inspiration! Well done for spreading the word. I have added the link to my newsletter which will be going out this month!

  8. Sam

    Thanks Karen, that will be fab! :-). We must support our markets.

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